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Zindagi 50 50 Hindi Full Movie HD | Veena Malik | Riya Sen | Rajan Verma

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Rating: 2.7/10
Director:Rajiv S. Ruia
Writer: Rajiv S. Ruia
Cast: Veena Malik – Madhuri
Riya Sen – Naina
Rajan Verma – Birju
Arya Babbar – Addy
Supriya Kumari – Rupa
Rajpal Yadav – PK Lele
Murli Sharma – INS Pawar
Atul Parchure – Mota
Adi Irani
Kurush Deboo – Director Subhash Kapoor
Zindagi 50-50 revolves around three different stories . Zindagi means Life – Sometimes it’s fun, and sometimes it’s a curse – but it’s just a point of view. People prays to god for happiness, so that they can enjoy their life. But the God says that he had already given a life to them, to enjoy all the happiness. It has been said that, the way you asks question to your life, it answers you in the same manner. “Zindagi 50:50” is the same story of such question and answers – It’s a story of Rupa (A Housewife), Madhuri (Prostitute_ and Nainja (A Struggling Actress). Rupa’s husband, Birju (Auto Driver) has a dream of getting a house. To fulfill his dream, Rupa breaks all the limits of her life. To complete her dream of house, CR Lele (Government Servant) pushes her in a dark side of her life, where she gets the house, but also gets a smirch on her respect. Zindagi 50:50 is a story of special dreams of a common man. And to fulfill those dreams, he has to struggle a lot, but sometimes they gets it easily and sometime he has to lose everything, “Zindagi 50:50” has this same of losing and getting.

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