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Why Cheat India Hindi Full Movie HD | Emraan Hashmi | Shreya Dhanwanthary | Snighdadeep Chatterji

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Rating: 6.0/10
Director: Soumik Sen
Writer: Soumik Sen
Cast: Emraan Hashmi as Rakesh Kumar Singh (Rocky)
Shreya Dhanwanthary as Nupur Dubey
Shivani Bedi as Rakesh wife
Snigdhadeep Chatterjee as Satyendra Dubey “Sattu”
Manuj Sharma as Bablu (Rakesh’s Friend)
Nawal Shukla as Yogesh Dubey (Nupur & Sattu’s Father)
Anita Sahgal as Nupur’s & Sattu’s Mother
Mahesh Chandra Deva as Vaidhya politician
Rajesh Jais as Public Prosecutor
Satyendra “Sattu” Dubey lives in a rented house in Kota, and is doing his coaching to crack an engineering entrance exam. After which, he returns to his house in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh where he lives with his parents, elder sister Nupur Dubey, and his grandmother. Sattu is shown to perform well in the examination, and clears the exam with a rank of 287. To celebrate, Sattu and his friends visit a cinema hall, where they are told to leave their seats by a few politicians, who want the theatre to themselves .Rakesh Singh, who is also present in the same hall, refuses to do the same and gets into a fight leading to him getting arrested alongside Sattu, who gets caught up in the fight. After getting bailed out, Rakesh visits Sattu’s house and gives his contact number to him, asking him to call him as he has a proposition Sattu might be interested in. The next day, Sattu calls him at a restaurant and Rakesh asks him to give the entrance exams of candidates who want admissions in colleges in exchange for ₹50,000 per paper, which Sattu agrees to, this scheme earns him a lot of money. However, he begins to start spending it extravagantly as starts taking drugs and starts committing sins of the flesh.

This scheme continues even after he gets admission in a college which he is later rusticated from as he was caught consuming drugs, leading to his arrest. After getting bailed by Rakesh, he rehabilitates Sattu and hands him a degree, asking him to go to work in Qatar. After a few years, Rakesh meets Sattu’s sister Nupur and they both develop a cordial relationship. One day, Nupur tells him that she wants to do an MBA in order to get promoted to a higher post, in response, Rakesh gets the MBA paper solved by a student working for him and calls Nupur to her office’s parking area. When Rakesh reaches there and tells Nupur that he has got the paper solved by another student, a police inspector arrests him for forgery in a sting operation. It is then revealed that Sattu committed suicide after being fired from his job after his degree was revealed to be fake, thus, the sting operation was orchestrated with the help of Nupur who wanted revenge against Rakesh who she deemed responsible for destroying her brother’s life. After being bailed, Rakesh is shown to build a successful engineering college.

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