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Khelaghor TV Series | Kolkata Bangla |
Khelaghor tv Series|Kolkata Bangla|
Khelaghor tv Series|Kolkata Bangla|

Khelaghor tv Series|Kolkata Bangla|

The story involves a rich girl Purna Chatterjee who gets accidentally married to an uneducated vagabond Shantu Gunda, a goon living in a slum in a twist of fate. Shantu, once a bright student Digbijoy Roy, gets jailed for 3 years for a crime he committed accidentally and later gets hired by Gogon Makhal, the leader of a local political party. Purna is the daughter of Justice Barun Chatterjee, the judge responsible for Shantu's imprisonment.


Actor: Swikriti Majumder , Syed Arefin

Director: Ranjoy Roy


Country: Indian Bangla

Release: 2021-12-14


Quality: HD

Rating: 0


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