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Wanted Hindi Full Movie HD | Salman Khan | Ayesha Takia | Vinod Khanna

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Rating: 6.6/10
Director: Prabhu Deva
Writer: Prabhu Deva
Cast: Salman Khan as IPS Rajveer Shekhawat / Radhe
Ayesha Takia as Jhanvi, Radhe’s love interest
Vinod Khanna as Shrikant Shekhawat, Radhe’s father
Inder Kumar as Ajay Shekhawat
Prakash Raj as Shamsuddin Ashgar Ghani or Ghani Bhai
Mahesh Manjrekar as Inspector Talpade
Mahek Chahal as Shaina
Govind Namdeo as Police Commissioner Ashraf Khan
Aseem Merchant as Golden Bhai
Hary Josh as Jankiz, Golden Bhai’s henchman
Manoj Pahwa as Sonu Gates
Sarfaraz Khan as Aslam, Radhe’s friend
Sajid Ali as Radhe’s friend
Raju Mavani as Datta Pawle, who plans to kill the local MLA
G. V. Sudhakar Naidu as Shiva, Datta Pawle’s henchman
Prateeksha Lonkar as Laxmi (Jhanvi’s mother)
Anil Kapoor as Special Appearance in song “Jalwa”
Govinda as Special Appearance in song “Jalwa”
Prabhu Deva as Special Appearance in song “Jalwa”
Anupam Shyam as Dilip Topi
Vijay Patkar as Ganesh
Manesha Chatarji as Commissioner’s daughter
Radhe, a gangster with a mysterious past, kills others for money. He meets Jhanvi while she’s doing fitness training and instantly falls in love with her. Even though their first meeting leads Jhanvi to think negatively about Radhe, she later begins to reciprocate his feelings. However, Talpade, a selfish and perverted Inspector, lusts after Jhanvi and tells her to marry him with the threat that he would rape Jhanvi’s mother if she decides to go against his decision. Talpade is tipped off about Radhe’s existence by Jhanvi’s landlord. He tries to threaten Radhe but ends up getting frightened of him after getting outsmarted by him.

Gani Bhai, an international don, arrives in India for assassination and hires Radhe. Gani Bhai operates his gang from outside of India. Golden Bhai is the gang leader of Gani Bhai’s gang. Two gangs, Datta Pawle’s and Gani Bhai’s, fight for the biggest part of Mumbai. Due to this, Commissioner Ashraf Taufiq Khan decides to make Mumbai free of crime. He arrests Gani Bhai, who makes various attempts to contact Radhe, however, in vain. Ashraf is blackmailed to release Gani Bhai after his men release an explicit video of his daughter online after kidnapping her. Under the influence of drugs, his daughter reveals a mission that involves an IPS officer, Rajveer Singh Shekhawat, murdering Gani Bhai. Since Rajveer Shekhawat’s identity is difficult to decipher, Gani Bhai holds his father, Shrikant Shekhawat, captive. Shrikant proudly tells him about his son, without revealing his true identity. Gani Bhai mistakes Ajay, Rajveer’s adopted brother, for Rajveer Shekhawat and kills him. Gani Bhai realises his mistake and pressures Shrikant to reveal Rajveer’s identity. Shrikant is murdered by Gani Bhai after he refuses to tell him. His son, Rajveer Shekhawat, who is revealed to be Radhe, arrives at the place of his father’s death. Radhe is infuriated and decides to avenge the deaths of his father and brother. Through threatening Talpade, he locates Gani Bhai. After intense combat, Radhe finally manages to rescue Ashraf’s daughter and kills both Gani Bhai and his co-conspirator Talpade.

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