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The Fakir of Venice hindi full movie | A R Rahman, Farhan Akhtar, Annu Kapoor

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The film has received mixed reviews. Isha Arora of TIMC giving seven stars out of ten to the film says “Surapur’s directorial is a well-thought and shot movie and the brilliant performances by the two lead actors will win everyone’s heart. We wish that The Fakir of Venice could have been released on the silver screen, much sooner but it’s definitely worth a watch.”[8] Reza Noorani of The Times of India rates the film two and half out of five stars and writes “While the first half meanders and stretches on, it is in the second half when the film finds its groove. At 1 hour and 38 minutes, the film still feels a bit long. Had the makers worked on the screenplay and made it a tad more complex, it would have been a great film on how, people from different classes,

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