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Vinci Da | Bangla Full Movie | Rudranil | Ritwick | Sohini | Anirban | Riddhi | Srijit Mukherji

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The story is narrated by Vinci da (Rudranil Ghosh) who learned the art of making prosthetics from his father. The movie starts with the then eighteen year old Adi Bose’s (Riddhi Sen) father drunkenly beating his mother. He asks his father to stop but he doesn’t. Tired of the everyday disquietude, he beats him dead with his cricket bat. He calls the police and ends up in the asylum. Meanwhile, Vinci da’s father dies and he finds it problematic to earn a living because Tollywood doesn’t appreciate his talent. His love interest, Jaya, (Sohini Sarkar) is a stutterer.

Adi Bose, now an adult (Ritwick Chakraborty), has been released from prison. He believes himself to be a ‘serial lawyer,’ by committing the crimes previously done by criminals he apparently delivers justice. To carry out his heinous plans in a more effective way, he approaches Vinci da as a director, and tricks him into making the mask of businessman, Shyam Sundar Jaiswal, (Bharat Kaul) who was acquitted from court in a Rs. 2500 crore scam. Adi Bose wears his mask, goes and robs a bank, and kills a security guard. Jaiswal is arrested. Vinci da realises the truth the next day when he sees the news. He is distraught. The only thing that comes to his mind is the innocent security guard. He could not believe that art can be used for crime. Sensing his reluctance to make more prosthetic masks, Adi Bose blackmails him with the videos he had taken while Vinci da was creating the first mask.

Vinci da is blackmailed into creating the mask of a politician’s son who was acquitted even after driving his car on homeless people. Adi Bose drives a car on people sleeping on the footpath wearing the mask, and frames the politician’s son. Vinci da is filled with grief and self-hatred after meeting the son of one of homeless people killed in the massacre. He tries to convince Adi Bose that he is not a part of these crimes but Adi Bose thinks otherwise.

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