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The House Next Door Hindi Full Movie HD | Prakash Belawadi | Khushi Hajare | Andrea Jeremiah

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Rating: 6.8/10
Director:Milind Rau
Writer: Chandan Arora
Cast: Siddharth as Dr. Krishnakanth “Krish”
Andrea Jeremiah as Lakshmi
Anisha Angelina Victor as Jennifer “Jenny”
Atul Kulkarni as Paul
Suresh as Dr. Prasad
Avinash Raghudevan as Psychic
Prakash Belawadi as Pastor Joshua
Bhawana Aneja as Lizzy
Deeraj Vaidy as Krish’s Friend
Khushi Hajare as Sarah
Dr. Krishna (Siddharth), a successful brain surgeon, and his beautiful wife Lakshmi (Andrea Jeremiah) live peacefully in their beautiful house under the mountains. Their perfect life together is now disturbed after a family moves into the house next door.

Jennifer (Anisha Angelina Victor) is a troubled teenager and neighbour of Krishna and Lakshmi. Losing her mother at the young age, she has turned out to a rebel. While she doesn’t despise her caring stepmother, she never misses a chance to throw tantrums at her either. But, she loves her Halfsister Sara.

Jennifer’s rebellious nature makes her do things like smoking for example. During one such time when she sneaks out of the house for a smoke, she picks up some belongings of a dead person. And a series of paranormal incidents abound that affects the lives of the people around her. Jennifer’s new house is haunted by ancient spirits, and one of them is bloodthirsty. Aval is not just a conventional humans vs devil narration. It has an angle of good spirits vs bad spirits and how the living suffer as they are jammed between this supernatural tug-of-war.

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