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Teraa-Suroor Hindi Full Movie HD| Himesh Reshammiya, Farah Karimaee, Naseeruddin Shah

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Rating: 2.6/10
Director: Shawn Arranha

The film begins with the murder of two Indian origin men in Ireland being killed by a masked man. The story then shifts to Tara Wadia, who is a singer and the girlfriend of a businessman-cum-gangster Raghu and lives with her mother. Raghu, it is revealed, is much in the eyes of the law.

One day, Raghu confesses to Tara that he had spent a night with a prostitute unintentionally. Disappointed, Tara breaks up with him and decides to leave for Ireland, despite her mother trying to convince her of Raghu’s goodwill. However, the moment she lands in Dublin, she gets detained after being caught with drugs. Tara calls Raghu for help. Now he must help her and find Anirudh Brahman, the stranger who befriended Tara on Facebook and invited her to Ireland.

Raghu hires a lawyer, Elle Jordan to rescue Tara and tries to get her bailed out but the plea is rejected by the judiciary. Fearing a supposedly insurmountable life sentence, Raghu decides to help Tara, during which time, it is revealed that in childhood, he used to work for a gangster, Aurangzeb, who was badly wanted by the law, simply because Aurangzeb had held his mother a slave and she was in need of an operation, for which Raghu wanted money. A man named Anthony, instead, promised to give money for his mother’s operation, and Raghu was trained in using a pistol to shoot Aurangzeb. When he proceeded with the task, he initially hesitated to shoot the gangster, but when Aurangzeb insulted his mother, Raghu shot him multiple times without a second thought.

Raghu consults with Robin Dharamraj Santino, an infamous convict who has escaped 14 times from prison. Robin says that he would charge him 20 mins each to help him and Raghu agrees. Robin briefs him all plans and procedures and warns him that he must get Tara out of jail just within 20 minutes before the entire city would lock down by an automatic system. Succeeding in helping Tara escape, Raghu stays back for fighting the cops to buy her time.

After a successful escape, Raghu reconciles with Tara after revealing to her that his act of sleeping with the prostitute was actually part of a plan, and that he is actually an undercover assassin who has previously killed many criminals on behalf of Commissioner Afzal A. Khan. Seconds later, he is informed of Anirudh Brahman’s location, and upon reaching there, is shocked to find Haider, Tara’s close friend and associate, who confesses that he wanted to trap Raghu out of revenge for having killed Aurangzeb, who, it turns out, was his father. Raghu kills him and reunites with Tara.

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