Aranyadeb | bangla full movie | Jisshu Sengupta , Mir Afsar Ali , Sreelekha Mitra .

Aranya stays in North Calcutta, reluctantly goes to work in a small company doing meaningless chores just to keep his family happy and. Aranya believes it is his job to protect everyone from evil. He does wonder at times… why… others cant understand his mission and his powers and why they cant believe that he […]

Rainbow Jelly | bengali full movie | Mahabrata Basu , Sreelekha Mitra , Koushik Sen

Modern fairy tale. Story started and ended in modern Kolkata. An orphan school drop- out kid lives with his uncle in an old two storied building of North Kolkata. His uncle treats him like a slave with a promise that all the property will be handed over to him once he will become adult. In […]