Colkatay Columbus | bengali full movie | Mir Afsar AliAnirban , Bhattacharya , Gaurav Chakrabarty

Colkatay Columbus is a satirical comedy with an element of fantasy that explores people’s desperate need to look to a hero for giving their life a direction, a purpose, to help them find themselves. Christopher Columbus is like a metaphor for every man who lives his life spent in search, looking for one thing only to […]

Aschhe Abar Shabor | bangla full movie | Saswata Chatterjee, Subhrajit Dutta, Gaurav Chakrabarty

The story begins with three young ladies (Anamika Chakraborty as Sofia and her two friends, Uma and Joyi) attend a party together with all of them hooking with different partners. A series of murders haunting the city with two women killed at Beniapukur and Burrabuzar, Sofia was murdered later . While investigating, Police found a […]