Borodin | bengali full movie | Anjan Dutt | Neel Dutt | Joyjit Banerjee | Suprabhat Banerjee |

Christmas in Kolkata gets celebrated by people from various spheres of life, who all are connected by a common thread of karma.

Aami Ashbo Phirey | Bangla Full Movie | Anjan Dutt , Swastika , Neel Dutt

The film depicts the stories of four people who deal with pain and violence through music. All the stories are connected by a violent incident. The film also showcases the influence of virtual media on personal life in the modern era.

Iti Mrinalini | Bangla Full Movie | Aparna Sen, Konkona Sen Sharma , Anjan Dutt , Rajat Kapoor

Mrinalini, an ageing actress, writes a suicide note. As a performer, the first lesson she learned was timing – the perfect moment for making an entrance or an exit on stage. On the stage of life, her entrance was outside her control, but she plans to choose her exit. Before taking the sleeping pills she […]

Nirbaak bangla full movie | Anjan Dutt, Jisshu Sengupta, Ritwick Chakraborty

Affection: The story begins with the protagonist (Anjan Dutt) who is schizophrenic, suffering at the same time from multiple personality disorder. He loves himself. He speaks little and in his daily routine he plays the role of himself as husband, his wife and he writes letter at the same time to his deceased mother (played by […]