Ahaa Re | আহা রে | Bangla Full Movie | Arifin Shuvoo | Rituparna Sengupta |Amrita Chattopadhyay

Farhaz Chowdhury, a top chef from Dhaka, first falls in love with her cooking and then with Basundhara — a woman who runs a home catering service. Ahaa Re is a celebration of food, and the love for it. More precisely, it’s a celebration of the invested emotions and senses that turns cooking into an […]

Onyo Bwasonto bangla full movie | Aronnok, Pallavi Chatterjee, Amrita Chattopadhyay, Rajdeep Gupta

Two strangers “Abhimanyu and Tinni” came to know each other at a mutual friend’s wedding. Slowly they become fond of each other as they have similar thoughts and perspectives about life. They grow feelings for each other, but don’t say it. On the other side, Tinni is engaged to her childhood friend.