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Shyamal Sen (Tota Roychowdhury) is GM sales for an MNC and is competing for the Vice President post of his company alongside Ranadip aka Runu Sanyal (Saswata Chatterjee). Shyamal hails from a middle-class family in Sonarpur where he has grown up with his elder brother (Kaushik Ganguly). He is now married to Charu (Joya Ahsan). […]

Meghe Dhaka Tara | Bengali Full Movie | Saswata Chatterjee | Ananya Chatterjee | Abir | Kamleswar

The film revolves around Nita (played by Supriya Choudhury), a young girl who lives with her family, refugees from East Pakistan, in the suburbs of Calcutta. Nita is a self-sacrificing person who is constantly exploited by everyone around her, even her own family, who take her goodness for granted. Her father has an accident and is unable to […]

Flat no 609 | bengali full movie |Abir | Tanushree| Mamata Shankar| Soumitra| Arindam

Not high rated nor bad. An average horror movie with good suspense and thrill. Abir and Soumitra might be given more scope to express their acting brillance. Overall okey.