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Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari hindi full movie| Diljit | Manoj | Fatima | Abhishek Sharma | This Diwali

In this video

Suraj Singh Dhillon (Diljit Dosanjh) is a rich young lad who is quite desperate to get married. He looks after his father Gurnam’s dairy, but due to his raw mannerisms, he is unable to impress any girl proposed to his family for an arranged marriage. His friend Sukhi, a filmy buff, suggests that he should create a bad boy image to woe girls as shown in latest flicks. Both go on a bad boy drive, breaking many rules and giving rise to varying comical instances. Unknown to them, this is all recorded by a private detective Madhu Mangal Rane (Manoj Bajpayee), who is known to perform background checks on prospective grooms.

When Suraj and his family meet the next prospective bride, her family shows them the photographs of his bad-boy drive and rejects his proposal. Gurnam (Manoj Pahwa) feels disgraced and leaves the house. Suraj then catches hold of Pandit Dubey (Neeraj Sood), who had earlier proposed this relation, and learns of Mangal’s involvement. He decides to avenge the humiliation of his family and goes after Mangal.

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