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Super 30 Hindi Full Movie HD | Hrithik Roshan | Mrunal Thakur | Nandish Singh

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Rating: 8.0/10
Director:Vikas Bahl
Writer: Vikas Bahl
Cast: Hrithik Roshan as Anand Kumar, a mathematician who opens a program named Super 30 where he teaches 30 ill-fated students for IIT in free cost.
Mrunal Thakur as Supriya, Anand’s love interest and a professional dancer.
Virendra Saxena as Rajendra Kumar,[11] Anand’s father who dies after suffering from a heart attack when Anand missed a chance to join Cambridge University because of being poor.
Nandish Singh as Pranav Kumar,[12] Anand’s brother who supported Anand in his work.
Aditya Srivastava as Lallan Singh, Shri Ram’s assistant and an evil man who used education only as a mean of business.
Sadhana Singh as Jayanti Kumar, Anand’s hardworking mother.
Pankaj Tripathi as Shri Ram Singh,[13] a local minister.
Vijay Varma as Fugga Kumar, one of Anand’s Student who recollects his teacher’s life as a successful man in London.
Amit Sadh as Raghunath Bharat,[14] a reporter.
Sharat Sonu as Haadim Malik, Shriram’s secretary.
Manav Gohil as Purushottam IAS, Supriya’s husband.
Aayush Kumar Shukla as Vinod
Rahul Raj as Kishore
Deepali Gautam as Kusum
Ali Haji as Prithvi
Rajesh Sharma as Bachchi
Karishma Sharma in item number “Paisa”
Anand Kumar is a lower-class student who has a passion in studies and is good at it. At a local competition felicitation, the local minister, Shriram Singh, proud of him, promises for help whenever needed.

Anand frequently goes to Banaras Hindu University’s library to solve a foreign Math journal. One day, the manager finally catches him, and says that he has no right to read there. One staff member suggests him to get his article published in this journal and earn a free lifetime subscription to it. Anand goes to the post-office, where his father Rajendra works as the head, and posts a letter regarding the solution to a difficult Math problem that no one has been able to solve yet. He then gets featured in the journal for solving the problem, and gets a letter from Professor Richard of the University of Cambridge to join a program there. But Anand needs money to travel. He and Rajendra go to Shriram but he denies any promise. They both further try to collect money but remain helpless, and get depressed. One day, Rajendra dies of a heart attack. Anand refuses to go to Cambridge due to his father’s death and financial condition.

He then sells papads in the city. One day, he meets Lallan Singh, an assistant of the local minister. Lallan takes Anand as a teacher in his coaching centre, Excellence Coaching Centre. There, Anand sees the plight of a boy who had to leave due to poverty. He thinks that these poor kids also have a right to study. Hence, he leaves Excellence and starts a separate tuition for poor kids, in which he enrolls 30 kids at a time. He teaches them to learn everything practically and have the concepts cleared in an easy and fun way. All this enrages Lallan, whose centre is facing criticism for not retaining Anand.

In course of the tuition, Anand gets immense help from his brother Pranav and his mother. Lallan and Shriram plan to have Anand killed so that his kids won’t be entering IIT. Anand is hurt brutally by two of Lallan’s henchmen, and is hospitalised, on the verge of death. He tells his students to then use their knowledge to defeat the goons sent by Shriram, while he is being treated. The students, in unity, use their knowledge and defeat the goons and Anand is treated successfully. The students take the IIT exam and all 30 students pass successfully.

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