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Student Of the Year 2 Hindi Full Movie HD | Tiger Shroff | Ananya Panday | Tara Sutaria

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Rating: 2.2/10
Director: Punit Malhotra
Writer: Punit Malhotra
Cast: Tiger Shroff as Rohan Sachdev, a middle-class student, winner of Student of the Year, and Mia and Shreya’s love interest
Tara Sutaria as Mridula ‘Mia’ Chawla, Rohan’s girlfriend/childhood sweetheart and Manav’s girlfirend
Ananya Panday as Shreya Randhawa, Manav’s sister and Rohan’s love interest
Aditya Seal as Manav Randhawa, Shreya’s brother, Stud of St. Teresa
Samir Soni as Principal Gujral, Dean of St. Teresa
Gul Panag as Coach Kuljeet, fitness teacher of St. Teresa
Abhishek Bajaj as Abhishek Sharma, Captain of Pishorilal Chamandas College’s Dignity Cup team
Manoj Pahwa as Coach Mahipal, Coach of Pishorilal Chamandas College[5]
Ayesha Raza Mishra as Principal Archana Singh, Dean of Pishorilal Chamandas College
Rajesh Kumar as Prem Narayan Sachdev, Rohan’s uncle
Manasi Joshi Roy as Rohan’s aunt
Chetan Pandit as Sukesh Randhawa, Shreya and Manav’s father
Samreen Kaur as Mia’s mother
Manjot Singh as Commentator Dimpy
Sahil Anand as Commentator Jeet Khurana
Daljeet Singh as Abdullah Wahab, Rohan’s best friend, student at Pishorilal
Harsh Beniwal as Puggi, Rohan’s best friend, student at Pishorilal
Alia Bhatt (special appearance in “The Hook Up Song”)
Will Smith (special appearance in “The Jawaani Song”)
Rohan Sachdev, a middle-class student at Pishorilal Chamandas College, decides to go to St. Teresa’s High School, a college for the affluent and talented, after his childhood sweetheart, Mridula Chawla, transfers there. He gets a scholarship in the college. Mridula, now going by the name Mia, initially avoids Rohan in a desperate attempt to become popular, but the two begin a relationship when Rohan wins the college over by showing his sports skills.

Rohan becomes friends with Manav Singh Randhawa, a popular, affluent, student and reigning Student of the Year. However, he is at odds with Manav’s sister Shreya, a popular mean girl whom both detest each other and she often plays pranks on him. She tricks his Pishorilal friends into showing up at Manav’s birthday party, where they are insulted, causing a rift between them and Rohan. After one of her pranks gets her in trouble with her aloof father, Sukesh, Rohan tries to make peace with Shreya, but she refuses saying she doesn’t need his sympathy.

Rohan-Mia and Manav-Shreya are coupled up in an upcoming dance competition where Mia wants to win in order to gain popularity whilst Shreya wants to fulfill her dream of enrolling at a dance academy in London. Manav and Shreya win the contest after Mia falters during a step. When Rohan goes to console Mia, he instead finds her getting intimate with Manav, and realizes that Manav, knowing Mia had a crush on him, had planted her to spoil Rohan’s performance since he saw him as a threat to his image. Rohan is expelled from St. Teresa’s after punching Manav, and is subsequently beaten up by Manav’s friends before being thrown out. Initially dejected and struggling to deal with what he sees as Mia’s betrayal, Rohan eventually fights back and challenges Manav saying he, not Manav, will be winning the Student of the Year trophy.

Rohan returns back to Pishorilal, where his old friends treat him with contempt. Shreya, who is impressed by Rohan’s sincerity, reveals to his friends that she set them up, and also convinces Rohan to join her in a national dance competition, hoping she can study at dance school in London. The two become friends as they practice and win the dance competition. Shreya reveals her mother died upon her birth, causing her father to believe she was cursed and detested her. Mia tries to win back Rohan after leaving Manav when he cheats on her. Shreya, though, reveals that she’s also in love with Rohan, which results in a heated argument between Mia and Shreya over Rohan, culminating in Shreya spilling coffee over Mia accidentally in a fit of anger and Rohan asking Shreya to leave. Though Shreya thinks Rohan will go back to Mia, he comes to her house the following day and defends Shreya to Sukesh, revealing their dance victory.

During the Dignity Cup opening ceremony, a fight breaks out between Pishorilal and St. Teresa’s, when Rohan’s friends tease Manav and his team, ending in Rohan’s teammate and rival Abhishek, being seriously injured. However, when Rohan beats up Manav to defend Abhishek, they make amends and the team decides to work together to win the Dignity Cup, training hard. When she goes to meet Abhishek in the hospital, seeing her Mia holds Rohan’s hand showing Rohan patched up with her. There, Shreya apologizes to Mia. When Mia asks her about her love for Rohan, Shreya calls it a schoolgirl crush and, blessing them with happiness, leaves. Rohan leaves Mia’s hand and follows Shreya asking her if she is fine. She thanks him and reveals she is leaving for London for graduating from the London School of Dance at the end of the term. At this juncture, Rohan professes his love for her, but she refuses and goes. However, Mia realizes that she has lost Rohan for good.

Pishorilal, usually last, manages to climb up the ranks and gets to the final against St. Teresa’s. On the night of the second-day event, Mia expresses her happiness and tries to kiss him but he turns his face and tells him he doesn’t want to patch up with her, saying it’s time he focused on his own dreams and not let her be his only goal. Although upset, she accepts his decision and supports Rohan in his fight. The two part as friends. The next day, before the final, Rohan confesses his love for Shreya for a second time and she accepts after he tells that Mia is just his friend and she is his present and future, and the two unite. Shreya and Mia support Pishorilal in the match. During the Kabaddi match, Manav engages in foul play against Pishorilal, but Rohan helps the team fight back, and win the Dignity Cup, defeating St. Teresa. Pishorilal celebrate their first ever win in history whilst Manav is angry. Rohan and Shreya embrace, which Mia sees and is sad, however she leaves smiling knowing Rohan’s dream of winning Student of the Year has come true. Pishorilal celebrates their first-ever victory and Rohan becomes Student of the Year, fulfilling his dreams.

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