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Soni Hindi Full Movie HD | Geetika Vidya Ohlyan | Saloni Batra | Vikas Shukla

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Rating: 7.1/10
Director:Ivan Ayr
Writer: Ivan Ayr
Cast: Geetika Vidya Ohlyan as Soni
Saloni Batra as Kalpana Ummat
Vikas Shukla as Naveen
Mohit S. Chauhan as Sandeep
Soni is a police officer who, following her divorce, lives alone in Delhi. She is friends with senior superintendent Kalpana Ummat, who lives with her husband Sandeep, who is a high-ranking officer in the Delhi police. Soni’s ex-husband Naveen often visits her, trying to persuade her to rekindle their relationship but she is not interested.

One day, while on duty, Soni beats a street goon who tries to harass her. Kalpana reprimands Soni for her temperamental and impulsive behaviour, while also expressing concern about her safety. A day later at a check post, Soni again gets involved in an violent incident when she slaps a drunken navy officer who is driving without a licence and misbehaves with her.

The commissioner of police take disciplinary action against Soni for the check post incident. Kalpana tries to persuade Sandeep and her seniors against it, but Soni is transferred to the police control room and an inquiry is set up to look into the incident.

A few days later, Soni is brought back into the police after Kalpana’s intercession. The two later go to a restaurant to relax. Soni goes to the ladies washroom, which has been occupied by a group of young men who are consuming drugs. She gets into a fight with them and injures her hand before they are arrested. One of the men is found to be the son of a minister’s friend.

After the incident, Sandeep scolds Kalpana, holding her responsible for the fight. The arrested men are released immediately, while Soni is taken off duty and sent back to the control room.

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