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Amanush | Movie full movie | Soham Chakraborty, Srabanti Chatterjee, Prodyot Mukherjee

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EXPECTATIONS – I didn’t like soham at all. So, Inspite everyone in bengal I hadn’t much expectations for this movie. But Soham has proved me wrong by doing such authentic acting. I came to a decision that the role was made for him only.

PLOT – Vinod(Soham), A Orphan gets a chance to read in engineering college where he meets his dream girl Rhea(Srabanti). Not any 1 else but Rhea cares about Vinod in the whole college. This caring touch turned into Love in Vinod’s Heart, but love rose in Rhea’s heart only for Aditya(Rehan). Hell-Treated Since Birth Vinod becomes Psychopath Killer to take over Rhea’s Heart. But The ending comes to a very sad position.

ACTING – For the first time in his career, Soham has given his best in this film which is quite plausible. But except all, his acting needs cleansing a bit more. Overall, well done Soham. Srabanti as the leading lady has done a fair job. Others are quite OK. But it is to be noted that, Soham’s acting a psychopath is better than the whole film.

DIRECTION – At the first chance, giving a disaster named “Dujone”, Rajib balances a bit by giving this time a far more better film than that. But his direction skills are still to be improved. But Showing The sequences, arranging the scenes was well handled, must say. We will expect much better in future from him.

MUSIC – Very Promising and very well composed music was another good weapon of this movie. “OH MY LOVE”, “HAY RAMA”, “MONTA KORE URU URU” mesmerized us very much. But the title track was missing – which was quite disappointing. Also, The Background music was very good.

VERDICT – “AMANUSH” is a good movie to cut out the IPL Hangover, this season. It will be the most important film for Soham’s carrier because this film takes us to a different acting sense of Soham. AMANUSH is a good-concept-ed, well acted movie, which lack interest in parts but makes it out in the end. So, I Recommend.

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