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Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan Hindi full movie HD | Ayushmann Khurrana | Jitendra Kumar

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Rating: 5.8/10
Director: Hitesh Kewalya
Writer: Hitesh Kewalya
Stars: Ayushmann Khurrana as Kartik Singh
Jitendra Kumar as Aman Tripathi
Neena Gupta as Sunaina Tripathi
Gajraj Rao as Shankar Tripathi
Manu Rishi as Chaman Tripathi
Sunita Rajwar as Champa Tripathi
Maanvi Gagroo as Rajni “Goggle” Tripathi
Pankhuri Awasthy as Kusum Nigam
Neeraj Singh as Keshav Tripathi
Bhumi Pednekar in a special appearance as Devika
Hardik Gabbi as Pintu
Mahesh Seth as Devika’s father
Brij Kumar Pandey as Pandit
Aman Tripathi is a homosexual advertiser who comes from the family of Tripathis. His Father, Shankar Tripathi is a conservative agricultural scientist who had invented black cauliflowers. Aman’s Mother, Sunaina Tripathi is a calm housewife who is always concerned about her son. The Tripathis more over included Chaman and Champa (Aman’s Uncle and Aunt) and their daughter, Rajni “Goggle” Tripathi and a few more relatives. Aman falls in love with Kartik Singh, his long time job partner and friend. One day, Sunaina calls Aman and asks him to come to Goggle’s wedding. Aman says that he can come only if he gets leave. Sunaina and Shankar meet Kusum Nigam, who agrees to marry Aman. The Couple thinking Kusum to be the right partner of Aman agrees to wed them after Goggle’s Wedding with Ashok. Meanwhile Aman and Kartik try to abduct Devika, Kartik’s friend. As they try to escape, Devika’s Father gets distracted. He comes out running and gets hold of Kartik and Aman. Whereas Devika escapes with the duo’s bike. Devika’s Father calls his neighbors who starts chasing the duo. The duo hide behind a car and Kartik suggests to go to Allahbad where the Tripathis live. But Aman refuses as his he feared that he would not approve the relationship between Aman and Karthik. But after a brief discussion, they decide to go to Allahabad. So they board a train and soon gets up in Allahbad to catch the Vivah Special Express where the Tripathis were. They board the train and in the bathroom, they share a kiss. But Shankar soon enters and seeing them vomits and falls unconscious. Due to a protest the train stops in a station. A doctor comes to checkup Shankar and he thinks it to be a Stomach ache that made him vomit. Champa starts blaming about the black cauliflowers as she lands in a dispute with Sunaina. Meanwhile, Shankar gets up and remembers about the incident but keep it as a secret. He gets out of the train and Kartik convinces Aman to go and reveal his love to his father. Aman tries to tell his father. But Shankar aims a water hose at Aman that drenches him. He embraces him up and asks him to stay away from Kartik. At the wedding, Shankar keeps an eye at Aman and Kartik. After a few moments, Shankar comes and asks Kartik to stay away from his son. But Kartik and Aman share a kiss instead that leaves the whole scene awestruck. The Tripathis start making excuses. Meanwhile Shankar drags Kartik and asks him to get out. Kartik goes to the train station. Meanwhile, seeing Aman and Kartik, Ashok denies marrying Goggle and Goggle escapes with the horse. She tries to commit suicide but Kartik stops her. Kartik decides to go to Aman’s house with Goggle. Aman’s parents have “naming ceremony” for Aman to cleanse him. Goggle arrives along with Kartik. Kartik tries to convince Aman’s family of his relationship. However, Shankar beats him up with a stick. Kartik falls down and is unconcious. Aman goes to his room unable to see Kartik in pain. Later, Aman agrees to marry Kusum. He tells his family not to hurt Kartik. His family is happy and start the wedding preparations. Kartik wakes up and finds out about the wedding. He is upset at Aman and tries to convince to refuse the marriage. Aman asks if Kartik is leaving. Kartik says he will leave after the wedding. Kusum steals all of Sunaina’s jewellery and leaves the wedding. She leaves a letter in Aman’s room. Kartik gets his bag to leave and notices the letter. He reads the note and is happy. He pretends to be the bride and goes to the mundit with Goggle. Shankar suspects something is wrong. He asks the bride to lift up her saree. Kartik refuses. Shankar starts to chase and Kartik reveals himself. Goggle shows the note Kusum left to the whole family and everyone is shocked. Aman tells his family he loves Kartik and nothing can change that. He asks the punditji to perform the ritual to get married. The punditji refuses as he can’t marry two guys. They start singing a song. The police arrive to arrest Aman and Kartik as it is illegal to be gay. Sunaina asks Shankar to stop the police but Shankar is silent. Sunaina asks the police to take Aman and Kartik. She says Shankar Tripathi’s battery ran out. Shankar tries to stop the police. The police refuse to leave and say they will stay until the next day to hear the Supreme Court’s decision. The next morning, the whole family watch the news. The news say it is not illegal to be gay. The whole family is happy. Aman and Kartik hug. Shankar decides to burn all of his black cauliflowers. Aman and Kartik get ready to leave for Delhi. Shankar says he will drop them off at the train station. Kartik says he wants to drive the motorcycle. Shankar says no. Kartik tricks him and drives to the train station. Kartik says “Ok, papa”. Shankar says don’t call me papa. Kartik says “Papaji?”. Shankar says “papa is fine”. Shankar talks to Aman. He says “I don’t know if I will be able to understand all of this. But, you don’t have to pretend someone you’re not. Go live your life”. Aman hugs his dad while crying. Kartik watches from a far. He runs back and hugs Shankar. Kartik gets emotional. Shankar tells them to leave or else they’ll miss the train. Kartik and Aman run to catch the train just in time.

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