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Shojarur Kanta |Bangla Full Movie | Byomkesh Bakshi | Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay | Mirchi Bangla

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The film begins with a drama performance by a group theater ‘Swapnochari’. Deepa who plays the lead role, is the star of the evening, but expresses no joy despite the audience’s approval. Next week, she is being married off, against her wishes, to a young industrialist by the name of Debashish Bhatto and this is her last show. Deepa has nothing against Debashis. He is good-looking, extremely well-to-do and interested in the arts, but she is in love with someone else. She dare not tell her family about him because all hell would then break loose.

Nripati Laha, the founder member of the group, and Deepa’s brother Vijay look forward to the wedding as they both have much to gain from this alliance. Nripati hopes to get a solid sponsorship for the Swapnochari through Debashis’s ‘Bhatta Group of Industries’. However, there are several others who are not so happy. Prabal Gupta, the director of the group theater is not only unhappy, but angry at the bargain. He considers Deepa to be his creation as he is the one who had trained her painstakingly into becoming the actress she is today. Deepa leaving the group means that the lead actress would be gone. Deepa’s wedding takes place right on schedule the week after the show. All the members of the group attend and all put up a joyous front. Debashis is already enchanted by his beautiful bride; the only thing that bothers him is the sullen expression on her face.

Debashis’s fleeting anxiety about his bride’s state of mind turns out to be eerily clairvoyant. When he tries to pull her into his arms after they are alone in their flower-bedecked bedroom that night, she draws back and informs him that she is in love with someone else. Debashis is stunned.

Debashis takes some time to digest this, but eventually offers to give her a divorce so that she can marry the man she loves. However, Deepa is not ready for that either. It would be impossible for her to go back to her family. She pleads with him to let her stay on in his household as his legal wife until her lover is ready. Then she will ask him to grant her a divorce.

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