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Sesh Anka bangla full movie | Mir Afsar Ali, Sanjeeb Banerjee, Tathagata Banerjee

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Widower Sudhangsu is going to be married to Soma, daughter of Sir Haraprasad. Sudhangsu is presented as a cheerful person who loves his would-be partner Soma and adores her with all his heart, occasionally gifting her with ornaments. He already declares that his first wife Kalpana committed suicide on a railway track in Burma, stating that she was mentally challenged. At the time of Sudhangsu’s second marriage, a local senior advocate, Suren Banerjee comes with a lady who claims herself as Sudhangsu’s first wife. Sudhangsu strongly denies and alleged that she is an imposter. In the meantime, a mysterious person named Samadder invades Sudhangsu’s house and steal some ornaments of the deceased Kalpana. The case goes for a trial to determine whether the unknown lady is really Kalpana or not. Advocate Suren Banerjee examines all the witnesses attached to the case. The courtroom drama wrestles to defend the unknown lady’s position against her proclaimed husband. Sudhangsu starts losing his sanity with time growing out of his hand. Having no other witness to support his case, Sudhangsu’s Barrister Mr. Mitter compels his client to telegram Deben Sen, brother of Kalpana to determine the identity of his sister. The story revolves around the activities of Sudhangsu and his past as the courtroom drama. Deben, however, recognizes the unknown lady as his sister without an air of doubt. Sudhangsu having lost all his reasons confesses how the lady couldn’t be Kalpana as he himself had killed her at Burma when she was not ready to divorce Sudhanshu. Samadder being present at the scene comes from behind the curtain and reveals himself as a private investigator being hired by Deben to investigate his sister’s death. The story concludes with the tagline “Crime does not pay”

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