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Saaho Hindi Full Movie HD | Prabhas | Shraddha Kapoor | Jackie Shroff

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Rating: 5.2/10
Director: Sujeeth
Writer: Sujeeth
Cast: Prabhas as Ashok Chakravarthy / Siddhant Nandan Saaho
Shraddha Kapoor as Amritha “Amu” Nair
Jackie Shroff as Narantak Roy
Neil Nitin Mukesh as Jai / Ashok Chakravarthy
Arun Vijay as Vishwank Roy / Iqbal
Chunky Pandey as Devraj
Vennela Kishore as Goswami (Hindi and Telugu) / Kothandam (Tamil)
Murali Sharma as David
Lal as Ibrahim
Supreeth as Alex Fernandes
Mandira Bedi as Kalki
Prakash Belawadi as Shinde
Evelyn Sharma as Jennifer
Mahesh Manjrekar as Prince
Tinnu Anand as Prithviraj
Ravi Varma as Ajay
Devan as IG
Sharath Lohitashwa as Mani
Tanikella Bharani as Indian External Affairs Minister Ramaswamy Deshpande (Hindi) / Ramasamy Azhagappan (Tamil) / Ramaswamy Allagadda (Telugu)
Duvvasi Mohan as a sub-police inspector
Abhay Bethiganti as assistant manager
Shyraa Roy as Natasha
Sasha Chettri
Girish Garladinne
Damini Chopra[16]
Kumar Raja Venati
Naveen Varma Ganapathiraju
Jacqueline Fernandez as a cameo in the song “Bad Boy
Narantak Roy, the crime boss of Waaji City’s underworld, is killed in a deliberate car crash in Mumbai. Devraj, the son of a former crime boss, declares himself the next leader of the crime syndicate. Ibrahim reveals to Kalki, legal advisor of the Roy Group that Roy’s family has been killed and he has been raising a secret for 25 years. The secret was that he had a son named Vishwank. Vishwank foils Devraj’s plans by succeeding his father as the next boss. Vishwank is determined to unmask his father’s murderer.

The story turns to India, where a mastermind steals about two trillion rupees with ease. A nationwide manhunt ensues to find the culprit. Undercover agent, Ashok Chakravarthy, who is extremely secretive, is assigned head of the manhunt. Working with Amritha Nair, an officer he likes, they uncover a thief named Jai and trap him, believing him to be the culprit. Amritha and Ashok fall in love. There is a chase in which Amritha, Ashok, and David (a hacker) confront Jai. In a twist, it is revealed that the thief “Jai” is the real undercover police officer Ashok Chakravarthy: the lead officer that has been with them the entire time is actually the real thief who stole the two trillion rupees, Saaho. As Saaho escapes with his partner David, Amritha, along with the entire police department, is left stunned.

It is revealed that Devraj killed Roy in order to take Roy’s place. Amritha tracks Saaho and pretends that she is still in love with him but is actually helping Ashok. However, she actually falls for Saaho and betrays Ashok. When Amritha is shot and taken away by Devraj, Saaho is forced to give him the black box, the key to the locker holding the money of all the gangsters. However, he deceives Devraj and gives the black box to Vishwank. Saaho destroys Devraj’s building and steals the money he had. He is chased by Ashok and the police, with a sniper in a helicopter aiming at him. Amritha, also in the helicopter, tries to save Saaho by distracting the sniper, but the sniper pushes her into danger. Saaho saves her with a jet pack but is arrested.

Kalki is revealed to be on Devraj’s side. She opens the vault with Vishwank’s fingerprint and the black box and finds pictures of Roy and his son. Saaho battles Devraj’s goons and defeats them. Devraj arrives, and Saaho reveals that he is Siddhant Nandan Saaho, the real son of Roy. He also reveals that he did all this to avenge his father’s death. Ashok and Amritha learn Saaho’s real identity as well. Kalki sees a portrait of Roy and Saaho in the vault, shocking all of them. Saaho kills Devraj, finally avenging his father’s death.

Ibrahim reveals that Vishwank was not Roy’s son, but Ibrahim’s own son; his real name is Iqbal. Iqbal was there to save Roy’s throne. He reveals Saaho’s real identity to the gang members, and Saaho becomes the next king of the underworld. Months later, Saaho locates Amritha in Innsbruck, Austria and confesses his love; they share a kiss. In the distance, a sniper aims at Saaho as he opens his eyes, aware of the danger.

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