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Ready Hindi Full Movie HD | Salman Khan | Asin Thottumkal | Paresh Rawal

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Rating: 4.7/10
Director: Anees Bazmee
Writer: Anees Bazmee
Cast: Salman Khan as Prem Kapoor[14]
Asin as Sanjana Singh/Kapoor aka Pooja Malhotra– Prem’s love interest and Wife[14]
Mahesh Manjrekar as Ram Kapoor– Prem’s father/KK Modi
Anuradha Patel as Sumitra Kapoor– Prem’s mother
Manoj Joshi as Bharat Kapoor– Prem’s uncle/BK Modi
Prachee Pathak as Bhoomi Kapoor– Bharat’s wife
Manoj Pahwa as Laxman Kapoor– Prem’s uncle/World Bank Official
Kiran Ahuja as Laxman’s wife
Puneet Issar as Avinash Chaudhary– Suraj and Amar’s father
Sharat Saxena as Suraj Chaudhary– Sanjana’s uncle
Praveena Deshpande as Suraj’s wife
Akhilendra Mishra as Amar Chaudhary– Sanjana’s uncle
Gargi Patel as Sunanda Chaudhary– Amar’s wife
Nikitin Dheer as Aryan Chaudhary– Suraj’s son
Arya Babbar as Veer– Suraj’s brother-in-law
Eva Grover as Aisha– Amar’s eldest daughter-in-law
Mohit Baghel as Amar Chaudhary/Amar 2– Amar’s grandson
Paresh Rawal as CA Balidaan ‘Balli’ Bhardwaj/Prem’s maternal uncle
Jaswinder Gardner as Shakuntala “Shaku” Bhardwaj– Balli’s wife
Sudesh Lehri as Mr. Lehri
Arun Bali as Guruji
Hemant Pandey as Chhotey Guruji
Mithilesh Chaturvedi as Mr. Abhinav Pathak– Khushi’s father
Amrita Raichand as Original Pooja Malhotra
Shalini Sahuta as Naina
Kubbra Sait as Sunaina
Prompt-witted Prem Kapoor helps his childhood friend Khushi Pathak elope with her lover Raju. Her intended bridegroom Gaurav Parikh reveals he has a girlfriend Kiran Rana, whom he wants to marry. The elopement angers Khushi’s father Abhinav and the Kapoors. Prem pacifies the Kapoors, though Abhinav remains cold about him.

Fed up of his actions, the Kapoor decide to get Prem married to a woman named Pooja. He is sent to receive her at the airport but deliberately visits the wrong terminal to avoid meeting her. Sanjana, a young woman who has just run away from her own wedding overhears Prem telling his uncle about ditching Pooja.

Since nobody from Kapoors ever saw Pooja, Sanjana poses as her and stays with them. She wins the hearts of entire family, but Prem is irritated with her. Sanjana’s maternal uncles Amar and Suraj who are rivals search for her wanting to get her still married.

Sanjana and Prem escape from Suraj’s goons by taking a lift in a car. Prem outwits the goons and sends Suraj’s son Aryan into a coma while escaping. Suraj gets to know who ran away with Sanjana. Prem finds out Sanjana’s true identity, and she tells him about Amar and Suraj trying to get her married.

Prem and Sanjana fall in love. Suraj takes her away. The Kapoors learn about her identity but still want her as Prem’s wife. Prem assures Sanjana in staying with Suraj and promised that he find a way to marry her and reunite her whole family.

Prem poses as nephew of Balidaan aka Balli, a chartered accountant who serves Amar and Suraj. Soon he gets the rest of his family to play characters to trick Sanjana’s family into letting her marry him. He also manages to change the Chaudhary family’s negative attitudes.

On the wedding day, Aryan recovers reveals the truth about Prem. A physical fight follows, in which Prem gets the upper hand of Amar, Suraj and their men. He then explains to Amar and Suraj how Sanjana’s late mother wanted them to unite and get their niece married.

Amar and Suraj realise their mistake. They are deeply apologetic for their behaviour. In the end, Prem and Sanjana get married and click away wedding pictures with the families.

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