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Ram Ki Janmbhoomi hindi Full movie| Muntazir Ahmad, Manveer Choudhary, Manoj Joshi

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The date is 2 November 1990. There are Kar Sevaks arriving in large numbers to Ayodhya, amidst heavy police presence. In one incident, the police open fire on a group of Kar Sevaks, killing a number of them. That night, a police officer arrives at the scene and after seeing the dead bodies, informs an unnamed politician (netaji) over the radio that the task he had told has been completed.

Two prominent citizens of the town of Ayodhya, Sadanand Shastri and Naushad Ali are shown traveling in a car and discussing the shooting incident and the Ayodhya dispute. Shastri says, “The shooting incidient is likely to inflame sentiments and aggravate the situation. In either case, there is no namaz being offered at the Babri Masjid for many years and only bhajan and kirtan singing is being done, so who is responsible for turning this into a communal issue?” Naushad Bhai responds, “This is a political matter and there’s not much the two of them can do about it.” Shastri says “The Muslims of the country should move away from extreme thoughts and help in the construction of the Ram Mandir, and that way the whole dispute will be solved. This will also send a good impression about Muslims through the world and this can only be done by the two of them.”

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