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Pihu Hindi Full Movie HD | Rahul Bagga | Pihu Myra Vishwakarma | Prerna Vishwakarma

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Rating: 6.7/10
Director:Kapri Vinod
Writer:Kapri Vinod
Cast: Myra Vishwakarma as Pihu
Prerna Vishwakarma as Pooja
Rahul Bagga as Gaurav (voice only)
Hrishita Bhatt as Meera (voice only)
The movie starts on the day after Pihu’s (Myra Vishwakarma) second birthday party. She wakes up and finds that her mother, Puja, (Prerna Sharma) is not waking up. Her father, Gaurav (Rahul Bagga, voice only) has left for Kolkata for a conference. She feels hungry and tries to wake her mother up, but she does not wake up.

It is then revealed that Puja has committed suicide after a fight with Gaurav, and her face and hands are bruised indicating domestic violence, leaving a suicide note on the bedroom mirror, saying that she would’ve killed Pihu too, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. Pooja was upset because Gaurav had come late for Pihu’s birthday party; Moreover, she suspected him of having an affair with her friend, Meera. Gaurav continuously attempts to call Pooja, but to no response. Pihu manages to pick up the phone but her father is not able to understand her, asking to speak to Pooja. Gaurav says that he has erroneously left the iron switched on and asks her to turn it off because Pihu might touch it. Shortly after, Pihu burns her fingers. She also almost electrocutes herself with exposed wires and burns two rotis in the microwave and on the stove, trying to make food for herself. She turns on the geyser (water heater), which after a few hours explodes, causing a large bang that concerns the other tenants of the apartment block and she hangs on the balcony railing trying to get her fallen doll. Luckily, a lady sees Pihu hanging dangerously and persuades her to get down. The electricity also fluctuates multiple times. The tap water overflows and comes out of the main door. Neighbors see the water, but think the owners are on holiday.

Gaurav calls multiple times throughout the movie from Kolkata, even trying to apologise on phone to Pooja for the fight, through Pihu. He realises that something is wrong when Pihu tells him that Pooja has been sleeping all day, and leaves Kolkata immediately for home. Pihu eats the leftovers from the party, along with few of her mother’s sleeping pills lying near her, causing her to fall asleep.

During the night, it is shown that the neighbors are trying to break in the house, seeing smoke emanating from within. Gaurav returns and finds the entire apartment messy and burned, with his wife dead and Pihu playing with her blocks, below the cot. The movie ends with Gaurav mourning, with Pihu unaware of the happenings.

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