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Phullu Hindi Full Movie HD | Sharib Hashmi | Jyoti Sethi | Nutan Surya

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Rating: 6.0/10
Director: Abhishek Saxena
Writer: Shaheen Iqbal
Cast: Sharib Hashmi, Jyoti Sethi, Nutan Surya , Paras raj Gandhi
Phullu the titular character (portrayed by Sharib Hashmi) that’s the typical good guy. Phullu’s mother sells quilts because he doesn’t have a job. He helps out his mom by procuring all the raw material for the quilts from the nearby town. In addition, he also he picks up whatever the women in his village may need.

When Phullu gets married, he realises that his wife keeps taking away pieces of red cloth from the material he gathers for the quilts. He wonders about it, but doesn’t connect the dots as he knows nothing about menstruation. Neither his wife or mother explain the concept to him.

The women in his life also want Phullu to move to a big city and find work. But he’s adamant about staying back in the village.

Finally, a turning point in Phullu’s life comes when he finds out about menstruation through a female doctor at a chemist’s shop on one of his city visits. He finally begins to understand why his wife needs the cloth, and why she suffers from itching every night.

He then takes rather drastic step of using all the money reserved for the last installment payment for his sister’s jewellery to purchase a whole lot of sanitary pads. His furious mother kicks him out of the house, saying that he’s wasted the money she earned with so much difficulty. When he tries to protest that the sanitary napkins are more important, his mother says her grandmother used wood to get rid of the itching and went on to live for 102 years, so pads are irrelevant.

Phullu goes to the city, where he gets in touch with the doctor who’d educated him about menstruation. He manages to create a sanitary napkin of his own. However, his mother and sister refuse to test it, as do the other women in the village for whom he used to run errands in the city. His wife is pregnant at this time, so she can’t help him out either but is in how supportive Phullu’s wife is, of his endeavour to manufacture low-cost sanitary napkins.

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