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Patiala House Hindi Full Movie HD| Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Akshay Kumar

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Rating: 5.6/10
Director: Nikkhil Advani

The story revolves around Parghat Singh Kahlon alias Gattu / Kaali (Akshay Kumar), who is living the life his father Gurtej Singh Kahlon (Rishi Kapoor) chose for him. Gattu had been good at cricket and wanted to play for England though Gurtej would never let him become a member of the England team. Gurtej had threatened him earlier with suicide. His siblings hated him as he was an exemplary child in the house. He was alone without many friends until Zeeshan and Simran (Anushka Sharma) came into his life.

In the present day, Gattu gets another chance to fulfil his dream and his siblings and Simran, convince him to give it a shot. If he gets on the team, they hope, Gattu might be able to realise that the world isn’t as racist as it used to be. As he gets on the team, they hide the fact that Gattu is on the team but Gurtej eventually finds out. Seeing his son on a team he despises gives him a heart attack and he ends up in the Emergency Room. Gattu plays cricket anyway for his siblings. He is deeply hurt to be disgraced by his father but he also loves cricket and hopes to change his father.

The people of Southall all come together and try to convince Gurtej that it is okay to be a cricket player for England. He locks himself inside the house where his wife tells him that she has never acted as a mother, only as a wife and often forgot she was both. She turns on the T.V. wanting to see her son fulfil his dream. Gurtej watches with her and realises how badly he had treated his son. The family comes back in the house and Gurtej requests for one of them to drive him to the stadium. Gattu is playing poorly because he is upset that his father disgraced him. Only at the last ball of the game, Gattu manages to get Andrew Symonds out for England by using the bowling style of former Indian cricketer Lala Amarnath. Gurtej apologises to him and Gattu’s siblings are now able to follow their dreams.

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