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Network | bangla full movie | Saswata Chatterjee , Sabyasachi Chakrabarty , Indrajit Mazumder.

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Abhijit Ganguly [Saswata Chatterjee] is a film director who has long lost his fame. After his daughter’s death he has turned into a walking shadow, who is recognized by no one. When he gets to know about his terminal disease which will allow him to live only for one more year, he decides to put in all his own resources to make a new film and make a comeback to regain his lost fame. He helped by his lawyer friend Subrata (Bhaskar Bannerjee), teams up with a group of talented actors and production management team including Raj and Shreya, who become very trusted to him. However, he gets betrayed by these very associates and is left ruined. His arch rival Arindam (Sabyasachi Chakraborty) induces Raj n Shreya to sell the script and offers them the role of hero and heroine. Broken Abhijit has no way out so with his last ditch effort He creates a reality TV show named “Their Life”, a unique show which deals with celebrity lifestyle. Through this show, he starts exploring and exposing Raj, Sreya and Arindam to take revenge on the persons who betrayed him one by one.

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