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Raat akeli hai hindi full movie | Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, Aditya Srivastav

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The film starts with a car being followed by a truck. The truck hits the car and the car flips over. A man alights and brutally kills both the driver and the lady who were in the car. The killer then takes the bodies to a factory and burns them with acid. While doing so, he accidentally spills acid on one of his own hands.

5 years Later, Inspector Jatil Yadav is seen attending the wedding of his colleague Narendra Singh where Jatil’s mother is desperately searching for a girl to set him up with for marriage. Jatil is irritated and embarrassed and rushes his mother home to avoid further interference in his personal life. While eating dinner, Jatil gets called by the SSP to investigate a high-profile murder of a rich aristocrat named Raghuveer Singh. Jatil learns that Raghuveer was murdered by his own gun on his wedding night and is further intrigued by the family’s silence and lack of knowledge on the matter. Jatil Yadav is first introduced to the family by Ramesh Chauhan, brother of Raghuveer Singh’s first wife (who was murdered 5 years ago). Members of Raghuveer’s family include his 2 children – Karuna Singh (daughter of Raghuveer Singh) and Karan (son of Raghuveer Singh), Chunni (the maid of the house), Pramila Singh (wife of Raghuveer Singh’s brother and Raghuveer Singh’s sister-in-law), Vasudha and Vikram Singh (daughter and son of Pramila), Ravi Sisodia – the volatile husband of Karuna, and Radha – the young bride of Raghuveer Singh. Starting the interrogation, it is revealed to Jatil that Vikram was the first one to discover Raghuveer’s dead body. As per Vikram’s story,

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