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Machine Hindi Full Movie HD | Kiara Advani | Rishabh Arora | Mustafa Burmawala

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Rating: 2.7/10
Director: Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla, Mastan Alibhai Burmawalla
Writer: Sanjeev Kaul
Cast: Mustafa Burmawalla as Ransh, Balraj’s biological son
Kiara Advani as Sarah Thapar, Balraj’s adopted daughter
Eshan Shanker as Aditya / Raj (Twin brothers)
Ronit Roy as Balraj, Sarah’s adopted father, Ransh’s biological father
Sharat Saxena as Advocate Kapoor
Johnny Lever as Darpan Gopal (Police Officer) (cameo)
Vivek Vaswani as Mr. Thapar, Sarah’s biological father
Supriya Karnik as Stage Coordinator
Dalip Tahil as Kris Altar
Mayuresh Wadkar as Vicky
Carla Dennis as Serina Altar
Mridanjli Rawal as Ayesha
Machine depicts the story of racing enthusiasts Sarah (Kiara Advani), the daughter of a very rich businessman Balraj (Ronit Roy), and Ransh (Mustafa Burmawalla), who meet each other due to circumstances. Sarah is beaten by Ransh at a car race event, Sarah later finds out Ransh, new in town, is her new classmate. As their bond becomes stronger, they eventually fall in love. After the accidental death of Sarah’s friend/secret lover Aditya (Eshan Shanker), they get married. However, Ransh deceives Sarah and tries to kill her for her money and property by throwing her off a cliff. She is eventually saved by Aditya’s twin brother Raj (Eshan Shanker), who is a commando in the Indian Army. Sarah and Raj come to know the exact reason about her killing when they find out Ransh was doing all this on someone’s orders and is duping another rich businessman’s daughter. They trace him and find that her own father had planned all these due to a very convoluted reason. He is not Sarah’s biological father and is Ransh’s biological father. They come to know that he only raised her as his own daughter for her wealth. He even kills Sarah’s parents by planning it like an accident. When he was about to pull his gun to shoot her, Sarah shoots him and burns him alive with the money he looted. They both eventually try take revenge from Ransh. Sarah tells that she is deeply in love with him. Ransh does whatever is fitted into his mind, whatever instructed, he never realized her love for him and tried to murder her. After this, when Ransh understands, he comes forward, Raj sees the gun lying beside Ransh and throws a knife for safety of Sarah, and Ransh realizes what he actually is. He realizes that he has his own brain and heart. At the end, Ransh understands he is truly in love with Sarah, and dies, committing his true love for her.

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