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Love Aaj Kal hindi full movie| Saif Ali Khan |Deepika padukone | Mohit Chauhan | Pritam

In this video

Zoe and Veer meet at a bar. The two leave and decide to spend the night together at Veer’s home, but Veer stops Zoe from continuing their activities. He tells her that the time is not right. Zoe leaves infuriated. Veer keeps following Zoe, who finally confronts him and asks him not to follow her. There is a flashback scene where Leena and Raghuvendra “Raghu” Singh have the same conversation back in Udaipur’s 1990s. Back to the present day, Veer drops her for an interview at the office of the Mehta Group, and they slowly begin their relationship. Raghu is an ex-medical student who ran away from Udaipur and now owns several restaurants in Delhi, including the café at which Zoe hangs out very often. Raghu, who is good friends with Zoe, tells her the story of his childhood sweetheart, Leena, implying that he is a grown-up Veer. He tells her that he used to behave with Leena just as Veer acts with Zoe, recites his childhood memories with Leena to Zoe, and tells her how he asked Leena for a dance together.

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