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London Confidential Hindi Full Movie HD | Mouni Roy | Purab Kohli | Kiren Jogi

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Rating: 6.6/10
Director: Kanwal Sethi
Writer: Kanwal Sethi
Cast: Mouni Roy as Uma Kulkarni
Purab Kohli as Arjun Manish Kumar
Kulraj Randhawa as Nirupama Das
Sagar Arya as Sharad
Parvesh Rana as Azaad
Jas Binag as Jeevan
Diljohn Singh as Biren Ghosh
Kiren jogi as Mrs Anju Mehta
Roxane Cabassut as Angelie
Mohan Kapoor as RK Goyal
Sharad Kelkar as Tanmay (Cameo)

R&AW officials stationed in London have gathered strong evidence through their sources which indicate the involvement of Chinese Communist party in the spread of the virus and are very close to getting the final evidence. However, Chinese authorities get wind of this through a mole in the Indian embassy. In order to have a low-key presence the R&AW uses a grocery store as their outpost to execute and coordinate operations

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