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Leker Hum Deewana Dil hindi full movie| Armaan Jain, Deeksha Seth, Varun Badola

In this video

Dinesh (Dino) and Karishma (K) are best friends. Everyone in their circle of friends feels that they are perfect for each other, but Dino and Karishma ignore them and think of each other only as best friends. But when Karishma’s father forces her into an arranged marriage with Mahesh, an employee from his office, both of them realize that they are perfect for each other and decide to elope. Before leaving, they adopt a stray puppy whom they name Jerry. They start their journey with little to no problems.

However, their parents start searching for them. This causes many problems for them. They first go to Goa, where they just manage to escape from Dino’s brother and Mahesh. Before traveling to Nagpur, they decide to marry without considering the fact that Dino is only 20- years-old. While attempting to escape from the police, they get lost in a jungle where they start arguing and blame each other. During that argument, they lose Jerry.

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