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Kya Kehna Hindi Full Movie HD | Preity Zinta | Saif Ali Khan | Chandrachur Singh

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Rating: 5.9/10
Director: Kundan Shah
Writer: Honey Irani
Cast: Preity Zinta as Priya Bakshi
Saif Ali Khan as Rahul Modi
Chandrachur Singh as Ajay
Anupam Kher as Gulshan Bakshi
Farida Jalal as Rohini Bakshi
Puneet Vasishtha as Priya’s brother
Nivedita Bhattacharya as Priya’s Sister-In-Law
Mamik Singh as Priya’s brother
Amit Mistry as Priya’s brother
Navneet Nishan as Rahul’s mother
Deven Verma as Rustom
Priya Bakshi (Preity Zinta) is the bubbly, free-spirited daughter of Gulshan (Anupam Kher) and Rohini Bakshi (Farida Jalal). Priya’s parents, brothers, and best friend, Ajay (Chandrachur Singh) love and support her. Ajay is secretly in love with Priya and wishes to marry her in the future.

Priya enters her first year of university and quickly catches the eye of wealthy playboy Rahul (Saif Ali Khan), who becomes attracted to her. She succumbs to his charm but Ajay and her brother Vicky are unsure about Rahul. His reputation and womanizing ways worry them, and they warn her to stay away from him. However, Priya believes that Rahul is in love with her, and the two begin a relationship and have sex. Priya convinces her parents to meet Rahul, but when they prematurely talk about marriage and the future, he mocks them and leaves Priya. Priya is heartbroken but tries to move on with her life. She later learns that she is pregnant with Rahul’s child. Her parents go back to Rahul to talk about marriage once again. He acknowledges that he is the father but still does not want to marry Priya. Rahul’s mother also berates Priya’s family, believing that they are looking for financial compensation. Priya is faced with a decision, and she chooses to keep the child. Her decision prompts her father to willfully banish her from the house due to the shame. Alone and neglected, Priya is devastated. However, her family later finds it hard to live without her and they bring her back, supporting her during her pregnancy.

Priya goes back to university, where she is shunned due to her pregnancy and ‘spoiled’ character. Rahul’s mother, who is part of the university’s board of directors, tries to convince the other parents that Priya should be expelled due to her character. Ostracised by friends, neighbours, and society, Priya realises Ajay’s love and dedication for her.

The university holds a year-end performance, where a group of students put on a play that mocks and vilifies Priya and her pregnancy. After the play, Priya makes a passionate speech about love, honour, and respect. Her words move many in the audience, including Rahul. Her friends apologise to her, and she gains the support of the community. Later, Ajay declares his love for Priya and desires to marry her. However, Priya worries whether Ajay will accept her and her unborn child. Ajay tells her he is fully willing to accept both her and her child as his own. Unknown to Priya and Ajay a remorseful Rahul approaches Priya’s family and reveals he is ready to apologise and raise his and Priya’s child together to which they agree. Priya water breaks before she can answer Ajay’s proposal and she goes to the hospital to give birth, where she’s joined by Rahul and her family.

At an event to celebrate the birth of Priya’s baby, Rahul proposes to Priya, stating that he is ready for marriage and to raise their child. Ajay wishes them well and begins to walk away. However, Priya rejects Rahul and confesses her love for Ajay, asking him whether he’s still willing to accept her and her child, Ajay agrees to this. Rahul accepts Priya’s decision, wishes them well, and leaves.

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