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Karachi Se Lahore Hindi Full Movie HD | Shehzad Sheikh | Ayesha Omar | Yasir Hussain

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Rating: 6.5/10
Director: Wajahat Rauf
Writer: Wajahat Rauf
Cast: Shehzad Sheikh as Zaheem
Ayesha Omer as Maryam
Ahmed Ali Akbar as Sam
Aashir Wajahat as Zeezo
Yasir Hussain as Mutazalzal a.k.a. Moti
Jawed Sheikh as Tiwana
Eshita Syed as Ayesha (Aashi)
Mantaha Tareen Maqsood as Khushi
Rasheed Naz as Khan Sahib
Muzna Ibrahim as a lady in the bank (special appearance)
Wajahat Rauf as Sindhi Landlord (special appearance)
Hashim Butt as Malik Sahib (Drunk Man)
Noor ul Hassan as policeman
Sumbul Ansari as Zaheem’s mother (Special appearance)
The story follows Zaheem, the protagonist, who gets run over by everyone he loves. After his girlfriend notifies Zaheem that she’s going to visit Lahore, he decides to let himself go to a party that his friends, Sam and Moti insisted he go to. While in the party, he finds out that his girlfriend is marrying her cousin in Lahore. Frantic and upset, he tries to go to Lahore via Karachi Jinnah International airport, but finds out on the news that the Pakistan Authority of Civil Aviation has banned all flights from Karachi International due to workers on strike. He begs to use his neighbor’s, Mariyam and Zeezo, Jeep but they decline at first. When they reluctantly allow (although Maryiam’s father cherishes the Jeep and lets no one use it) they start. They stop at a hotel for the night, but the receptionist asks for a marriage certificate and unneeded stuff. But a Pashtun man and his goons come and scold the receptionist for letting his daughter sleep with a random man, and forces the receptionist to give Zaheem a room. After proposing to Maryiam with a Cornetto, the team decide to eat breakfast while Moti goes to the toilet. He meets a Pashtun man where he accidentally punches and runs off after the man scared him. They drive away and Moti says he knows a short cut. The map was wrong but Zaheem doesn’t know. After Zaheem wakes up, he finds out that they aren’t in Lahore and punches Moti. Moti gets upset and Mariyam scolds Zaheem. After everything is solved, they drive again and Zeezo demands to drive the car or else he would snitch. Zeezo crashes the car so the team make a car pull over and help them. In that car was none other than the Pashtun man. In exchange for listening for fixing their car, Zaheem must listen to his story. But the Pashtun man demands another favor and asks to take Sam for a day. After getting back Sam, they drive to Lahore where they get into the wedding. Maryiam sees her dad at the wedding, having sex with a woman named Khushi, while drinking alcohol. (Maryiams mom had died and in Muslim culture alcohol is prohibited). Zaheem confesses his love for his girlfriend, and preaches his love for her, until stopping mid-way and finding out that he really loves Maryiam. The movie ends with Zaheem proposing to Maryiam and her accepting, but Maryiams father catches them as they scream “Papa?!”.c

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