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Irada Hindi Full Movie HD | Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi, Divya Dutta

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Rating: 6.2/10
Director: Aparnaa Singh
Writer: Aparnaa Singh
Cast:  Naseeruddin Shah as Lt Col Parabjeet Walia (Retd)
Arshad Warsi as Arjun Mishra
Sharad Kelkar as Paddy F Sharma
Sagarika Ghatge as Maya Singh
Divya Dutta as Ramandeep Braitch, CM- Paddy’s mistress
Diwakar Kumar as Jagat Sinha
Nikhil Pandey as Maya’s boyfriend
Rajesh Sharma as Jeetu Arora- Paddy’s Manager
Prashant Gupta as Bhagat Singh
Savita Bhatti as Harmeet Braitch
Rumana Molla as Riya Walia
Prince Soni as Sunday Singh
Rohan Shah as Ricky Bhullar
Radhika Bangia as Ruby Gill
Rajeev Mehta as Abdul Hasan
Mehtaab as Nanu Hasan
Lubhani Attwal as Dolly Chadha
Seerat Kaur as Mitali Sharma
Plot :

The film is set in Bathinda, with its thermal power plants and factories in the background and is based on the true story of this city and its people.

The daughter of an ex Army man (Naseeruddin Sah) discovers that she has a serious life-threatening illness. Gradually they piece together the reason for this and discover that it is due to the carcinogenic elements that have entered the ground water. Everyone in the city is affected by it.

A journalist meanwhile has discovered files that will incriminate the people responsible for this ground water poisoning, but he is kidnapped and missing. His girl friend (Sagarika Ghatge), who is also a journalist pursues the case, trying to convince the authorities to arrest the people responsible.

Meanwhile, a mysterious bomb blast in a business tycoon (Sharad Kelkar)’s factory prompts the state CM (Divya Dutta) to hire an NIA officer (Arshad Warsi). He meets the ex-army man seeking revenge for his dead daughter and the journalist demanding justice for her slain boyfriend. He himself tries to balance his knowledge of the truth, his wish for a more stable posting (having just come from a Naxal region), a better family life and his conscience.

After a mysterious bomb blast in a business tycoon’s factory, the state CM solicits the services of an NIA officer. Things take an interesting turn when he suspects a greater conspiracy.

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