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Hamne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya Hindi Full Movie HD | Jatin Goswami | Samiksha Bhatnagar Subrat Dutta

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Rating: 6.7/10
Director: Naeem Siddiqui
Writer: Naeem Siddiqui
Cast: Pratima Kazmi
Subrat Dutta
Samiksha Bhatnagar
Jatin Goswami
This is a story is of two completely opposite ideologies, about two strangers who met in a train journey in the panorama of 28 January 1948. Amidst the environment of terror, communal riots and fear, on one side there is Kailash (Jatin Goswami), who is going to meet his mother, Savitri (Pratima Kazmi) from Calcutta to Sasaram, along with his wife, Sudha (Sameeksha Bhatnager) and a daughter. On the other side, Divakar (Subrat Dutta) is going to his village to take the responsibility as a teacher. Kailash had lost his everything in the “Action-day” in Calcutta and has a strong belief that Gandhi ji was responsible for the partition of our country. On the other side, Divakar has his own arguments and believes in Gandhi ji’s philosophy of non-violence, tolerance, and embracing all the religions. Events happened during the two days journey, had different impacts on these two individuals and reactions to the events by both Kailash and Divakar, forces to think who is right and who is wrong. When they reaches their destination and ends the journey, they got to know that Gandhi ji was assassinated. Gandhi ji’s assassination and events happened after that becomes reflection of the two different ideologie

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