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Hamid Hindi Full Movie HD | Talha Arshad Reshi | Vikas Kumar | Rasika Dugal

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Rating: 7.8/10
Director:Aijaz Khan
Writer: Aijaz Khan
Cast: Talha Arshad Reshi as Hamid
Vikas Kumar as Abhay
Rasika Dugal as Ishrat
Sumit Kaul as Rehmat
Mir Sarwar as Abbass
Hamid is a young boy of seven, in search of his father who went missing a year ago. He somehow discovers that 786 is Allah’s number, makes some combination and finally dials a phone number which is answered. Thus begins a series of conversations with the person on the other line who happens to be a CRPF soldier finding solace in Hamid’s innocent talk. Hamid tells him about his father, his teachings and how his absence has changed their lives. Meanwhile, Hamid’s mother is not able to make peace with the fact that her husband has disappeared. She is always lost in her grief and is dejected. Hamid tries to learn his father’s boat-making craft among various other means to please Allah, in belief that his father might return some day. Finally on one of the days Hamid realizes that his father is dead and would never return. His mother comes to terms with his death on the very same day. In the epilogue it is shown that Hamid finally gets his much desired red paint for the newly deigned boat (probably sent by the CRPF jawan), paints it and sails on it with his mother.

The film denotes how eventually people learn to deal with tragedies and move on no matter what, and serves as a powerful depiction of human resilience. What is striking is also the fact that despite being naive the boy knows the difference between what is right and what is wrong due to his father’s teachings, again stressing the fact that we are a result of our upbringing.

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