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Haider Hindi Full Movie HD |Shahid Kapoor | Tabu | Shraddha Kapoor

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Rating: 8.1/10
Director:Vishal Bhardwaj
Writer: William Shakespeare
Cast: Shahid Kapoor Haider Meer Prince Hamlet
Tabu Ghazala Meer (Haider’s Mother) Gertrude
Kay Kay Menon Khurram Meer (Haider’s Paternal Uncle) Claudius
Shraddha Kapoor Arshia Lone Ophelia
Irrfan Khan Roohdaar Ghost
Narendra Jha Dr. Hilaal Meer (Haider’s Father) King Hamlet
Kulbhushan Kharbanda Hussain Meer
Lalit Parimoo Pervez Lone Polonius
Ashish Vidyarthi Brigadier T. S. Murthy
Aamir Bashir Liyaqat Lone Laertes
Sumit Kaul Salman 1, Courtier Rosencrantz
Rajat Bhagat Salman 2, Courtier Guildenstern
Ashwath Bhatt Zahoor Hussain Fortinbras
Mohammad Shah Army Major
Anshuman Malhotra Young Haider
Lankesh Bhardwaj Interrogation officer
In 1995, during the insurgency in Kashmir, Hilaal Meer, a doctor based in Srinagar, agrees to perform an appendectomy on Ikhlaque, the leader of a pro-separatist militant group. To avoid detection, he performs the surgery at his house, much to the chagrin of his wife Ghazala, who questions his allegiance. The following day, during a military raid, Hilaal is accused of harboring terrorists. A shootout ensues at his home, during which Ikhlaque is killed and Hilaal is taken away for questioning. The doctor’s house is subsequently bombed to kill any other militants hiding inside.

Some time later, Ghazala’s son Haider returns from Aligarh Muslim University to seek answers about his father’s disappearance. Upon arrival, he is shocked to find his mother singing and laughing along with her brother-in-law, Khurram. Unable to understand his mother’s behavior, he begins searching for his father in various police stations and detention camps with the help of his childhood sweetheart Arshia Lone, a journalist.

Winter arrives in Kashmir. Saddened by the growing closeness between Ghazala and Khurram, and still unable to find any leads, Haider begins to lose hope. However, Arshia encounters a stranger, Roohdaar, who has Haider contact him to receive information regarding his missing father. Roohdaar, who is part of a Pakistani separatist group, explains that he and Hilaal were both imprisoned in a detention camp by a counterinsurgency militia formed by Khurram. The group had both Hilaal and Roohdaar executed, but Roohdaar survived and is meeting Haider to pass on Hilaal’s final wish: for Haider to take revenge on Khurram for his betrayal.

Devastated and enraged, Haider begins behaving erratically, shaving his head and staging public demonstrations against the government. Khurram takes him aside and claims that Roohdaar was responsible for his father’s death; Haider is put off by the conflicting claims of his father’s demise despite knowing the truth himself, and confides his dilemma to Arshia, showing her the gun given to him to kill Khurram. Arshia informs her father Pervez, a military official, about Haider’s behavior, and Pervez passes the information forward to Khurram, who orders Haider institutionalized during a ceremony officiating his marriage to Ghazala.

The following morning, Haider prepares to kill Khurram, but feels morally bound not to do so while Khurram is in prayer. He is captured by Pervez, who orders him executed. However, Haider escapes and brutally murders his two captors, former friends of his who became informants for Pervez. He contacts Roohdaar, who suggests that he travel to Pakistan to receive military training. Haider calls his mother to inform her that he is going across the border, but Ghazala meets with him before he leaves at the ruins of their family home. She admits informing Khurram about the presence of terrorists in her home on the day of Hilaal’s arrest, but claims to have been unaware at the time that Khurram was Pervez’s informant. Pervez receives word of Haider’s whereabouts and arrives at the house to assassinate him, but Haider kills him first and escapes.

Arshia is emotionally traumatized at the death of her father at Haider’s hands and commits suicide. Meanwhile, Ghazala finds Roohdaar’s contact number from Arshia’s diary and calls him. Haider goes to his pickup point: the graveyard where his father was buried. However, he spots a nearby funeral, which he realizes is for Arshia. He defies the advice of his handlers and interrupts the procession, leading to a fight with Arshia’s brother Liyaqat, who he kills. Khurram and his men arrive at the house, engaging in a gunfight that leaves most of Khurram’s men dead. Ghazala is dropped off at the house by Roohdaar and begs Khurram for a chance to get Haider to surrender. Haider remains insistent on revenge, but Ghazala warns him that revenge merely begets revenge. She bids him farewell and returns to Khurram’s men, where she detonates a suicide vest given to her by Roohdaar. Khurram is gravely injured and his men killed; Haider prepares to kill him, but remembers his mother’s parting words discouraging revenge. He walks away from the site of the blast despite Khurram’s pleas to end his life.

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