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Gippi Hindi full movie HD| Acchui, Riya Vij | Jayati Modi | Taaha Shah

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Rating: 5.6/10
Director: Sonam Nair
Writer: Sonam Nair
Riya Vij as Gurpreet Kaur (Gippi)
Jayati Modi as Shamira
Taaha Shah as Arjun
Avanti Talwar as Tania
Anah Talwar as Sonia
Divya Dutta as Pappi
Raqesh Vashisth as Chemistry teacher
Pankaj Dheer as Papa Paaji
Mrinal Chawla as Kabir [
Doorva Tripathi as Anchal
Aditya Chauhan as Rit Saraswat
A painfully awkward, overweight teenager reclaims her right to happiness and self-worth by running against a pretty, popular queen bee in the school election.

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