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Gangsters bangla full movie | Bratya Basu, Mimi Chakraborty, Saurav Das

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The movie begins in present time, on the anniversary of Kabir and Ruhi. While Kabir shops for his wife and is returning home, he is shot by four masked gangsters. Just before falling out a fifth person shoots him. He is taken to hospital and a shocked Ruhi arrives to see him. The film then takes a flashback to how Kabir became Guru, the gangster. In a jail years ago, a young Kabir sits terrified as an older prisoner named Jamal comes and tells him to kill his cell mate to prove his worth as a criminal . In return he would be freed. Kabir does so. Jamal tells him to work with him and calls him ‘Beta’. Kabir calls him ‘Baba’. Jamal tells him that one day he would rule and will be known as Guru. A few years later, Guru is a renowned gangster of Jamal and works exactly what Jamal tells him. He is always accompanied by his closest friend Ghudi. He is seemingly disturbed and wants to leave his business of being gangster. In an unwanted manner, he goes to kill Vishnu, one of their ex-members of gang. Guru, instead of killing him warns him to run away lest Jamal shall kill him. Later Guru learns Jamal’s men have killed Bishnu.

Heartbroken, he next goes to Tommy,a ragtag and persuades him to share 70% of business with Jamal. In a party, to celebrate this, Guru sees a conspiracy being built against him by Chhotu, Tommy, Jameson and few others. Later, Guru and Ghudi drive at a point where the conspirators trap them into an accident. The car of Guru is hit. Guru comes out of car and fights with the rest as a pretty girl comes amidst. Guru is attracted towards her and falls for her.

Later they meet again at the hospital where Guru pays a hefty amount for expenses of a conspirator whom Ruhi brought to hospital. Over time, Ruhi and Guru get together well. Guru is now least bothered with gang. One day Guru confesses to Ruhi that he is a gangster, but says that he will leave this behind. He proposes to Ruhi and they get married. They then meet Jamal to seek blessings. Jamal asks Guru for a gift. Guru responds by saying he wants live a normal life. Jamal tells him to do so. But all three know that could never happen. In present day, a shattered Ruhi waits for Kabir to gain consciousness. It is revealed that the fifth person who shot Kabir was none other than Ruhi.

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