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Fan Hindi Full Movie HD| Shah Rukh Khan, Carolina Main, Sayani Gupta

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Rating: 7 /10
Director: Maneesh Sharma

Gaurav Chandna is a Delhi-based die-hard and obsessive fan of Bollywood superstar Aryan Khanna. He harbours a crush on Neha, his friend and neighbour who works at a call centre. Gaurav’s face bears an uncanny similarity to Aryan’s, which helps him win the local talent show by impersonating Aryan. Encouraged by his parents, he embarks on a train journey to Mumbai to meet Aryan and present him with the trophy won by impersonating him.

When Sid Kapoor, a fellow actor, expresses harsh sentiments about Aryan to the press, an infuriated Gaurav beats him and makes him apologise to Aryan while he records it. The video is uploaded to the Internet, where Aryan sees it and has Gaurav arrested. Gaurav is mercilessly beaten in jail, where Aryan angrily reprimands him, declaring that Gaurav is not his fan and that he had Gaurav arrested. Gaurav asks for five minutes of Aryan’s time, at which Aryan scoffs at giving the fan even five seconds. Devastated, Gaurav returns home and burns all of his Aryan memorabilia, vowing revenge against Aryan for turning away his fan.

A year later in London, Gaurav goes to Madame Tussauds wax museum, impersonating Aryan and purposely creating a havoc which leads to Aryan being arrested by police. Released on bail, Aryan receives a call from Gaurav who reveals what he did and offers to stop troubling Aryan if he will apologise. Aryan refuses, and Gaurav disguises himself as a crew-member on Aryan’s show.

Aryan is scheduled to perform at the wedding of a billionaire’s daughter in Dubrovnik, Croatia. After performing a dance show, Aryan receives a card with the message “Say sorry”, and realises that Gaurav is nearby. Meanwhile, Gaurav poses as Aryan and molests the billionaire’s daughter. The billionaire berates the real Aryan and makes him leave the event. Outside, Aryan spots Gaurav and chases him, though Gaurav escapes. The molestation incident is reported by the media, resulting in a tarnished reputation and boycotts of Aryan’s shows.

Gaurav invades Aryan’s home in India and vandalises his trophy collection, even frightening his wife Bela and children. Aryan visits Gaurav’s parents and meets Neha, Gaurav’s neighbour and crush. With their help, Aryan impersonates Gaurav at the local talent show; he declares Gaurav’s love to Neha, to the ire of the audience. This provokes Gaurav, who shoots at Aryan with a gun. Aryan chases Gaurav and subdues him after a bloody fight. Aryan asks Gaurav to give up impersonating him and live a normal life. Gaurav responds by telling Aryan that he has destroyed his life and reminds him that he has not apologised yet. Gaurav flings himself off the roof, dying with a smile.

Aryan’s name is cleared from all the controversies, but the ordeal haunts him and his name is linked with Gaurav’s both in his mind and in the eyes of the public. On his next birthday, Aryan goes out to the roof to greet his fans. When he is about to turn, he sees a haunting glimpse of Gaurav in the crowd, smiling up at him, upon which he turns back to the crowd with greater respect and appreciation.

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