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Family Album | Bangla Full Movie | Swastika , Paoli , Mainak Bhaumik

In this video

Every happy Family Album is picture-perfect with smiley pics of the caring Ma, successful Baba, the responsible older sister, and of course the highly brilliant soon-to-be-going to IIT younger brother. What if you clicked on a hidden link that exposes everyone’s crazy secrets and lies. What if your sister, soon-to-be-married, has a friend who’s a girl who’s not just a friend? What if your aimless brother, just wants to chill out, get high and not really want to do much with life? What if your loving nagging Ma is worrying about losing her youth as a woman? What if your responsible father has his own bag of skeletons in his closet? Why hide? Why pretend? This is a movie that exposes the not-so picture-perfect Family Album…a hilarious and sad and eccentric concoction of the truth.

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