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Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu Hindi Full Movie HD| Kareena Kapoor, Imran Khan, Ratna Pathak Shah

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Rating: 5.7/10
Director:  Shakun Batra

Rahul Kapoor, an architect, has always been on the road to perfection, as per the wishes of his domineering father and socialite mother. After suddenly losing his job in Vegas, he hides the truth from his parents and looks for another job. Unable to cope with unemployment, he goes to a psychologist and runs into another patient, Riana Braganza. A series of events lead Riana to believe that he is sent by her ex-boyfriend to stalk her, and she ends up taking his file by mistake.

Riana, who later realises her mistake, calls him and apologises for her behaviour. They meet up on Christmas Eve and Riana invites Rahul to have a few drinks with her. A few drinks turn into a night of intoxicated revelry and they end up marrying each other. Horrified the following morning, they decide to get it annulled as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Riana, who is also unemployed and has not paid her rent, loses her accommodation and an initially hesitant Rahul lets her stay with him till her problem gets resolved. During these few days, they get to know each other better. Rahul is revealed to be interested in photography while Riana recounts her ambition to be a ballet dancer, which was destroyed after she broke her ankle in childhood. Their friendship develops as Riana gives Rahul a long break he always wanted. As they grow closer, Rahul develops feelings for Riana, who fails to reciprocate them.

As New Year’s Eve approaches, Riana plans to visit her family in India and asks Rahul to accompany her. He disagrees initially, as his parents live in Mumbai, but later succumbs to her argument. Upon arrival, she introduces him to her family, making his feelings towards her grow. The next day, Riana takes him to visit her school. Amidst reflecting over her past relationships, he unsuccessfully tries to kiss her. Realising that she does not feel the way he does, he angrily leaves the school, only to almost run into a car revealed to be his mother’s. He lies and tells his mother that he is in India for a research trip, and that Riana is a colleague. They have lunch with Rahul’s parents, where he spins a web of intricate lies to avoid telling his father the truth. He leaves Riana’s house and returns to his parents, trying to tell them the truth, but once again is overpowered by his father.

Two days later, during a family dinner, Rahul angrily divulges the complete truth to his in-denial parents and their business partners, after realising the meaninglessness of his pretense he indulged in all these years. He rushes back to Riana to apologise for his behaviour while Riana apologises she never intended to lead him on. After a night of reflection and deep conversation, they decide to maintain their friendship.

The duo return to Las Vegas and finalise their annulment. Rahul gets a new job, while making time for photography. He remains hopeful that one day he will convince Riana to go back to that chapel with him. Both remain good friends, with an ending note from Rahul claiming that he is finally happy with his life, as the credits roll.

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