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Dus Hindi Full Movie HD| Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty, Abhishek Bachchan

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Rating: 5.5/10
Director:   Anubhav Sinha

In the opening scene, Siddhant Dheer (Sanjay Dutt), the head of the Anti-Terrorist Cell (a fictitious organisation), narrates how rampant terrorism has become in the world and goes on to tell the story of 7 of the hardest days in his life.

The ATC has a tip off about an impending terrorist attack on 10 May, targeting 20–25 thousand people. The man behind the plan is one Jamwaal, a hardened criminal who is feared by politics and the law alike. Siddhant starts an unofficial investigation against Jamwaal. A goon named Altaf is arrested in connection to the case after the ATC defuse a bomb threat at a building.

Later, a woman is shot dead at her own home by an unknown assailant. Siddhant gets a tip from Neha (Esha Deol), an undercover officer stationed by him in Canada, that an aide of Jamwaal named Himmat Mehendi has been arrested by the Canadian police. Siddhant sends his brother Shashank (Abhishek Bachchan) and his partner, Aditya (Zayed Khan) to grab Himmat, take him to a safe location pointed out by Neha and extract information from him about Jamwaal. After attending his sister Anu’s (Diya Mirza) engagement, Shashank and Aditya head to Canada on the same day. At the same time, Anu and her husband are kidnapped in lieu of Altaaf’s release. Siddhant, then realises that there is a terrorist informer in the ATC itself.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Aditya and Shashank are caught in a tense situation when Aditya realises that the car they are travelling in has a bomb. Being a specialist at defusing bombs, he asks Shashank to drive fast as reducing the speed would detonate it. A local police officer named Dan (Sunil Shetty) is meeting his wife, trying to convince her to return to him after an incident that killed their baby while she was still pregnant, when he sees them driving at top speed. He goes on to pursue them, resulting in a high speed car chase which ultimately culminates in Aditya and Shashank jumping off the car as it travels a bridge, causing it to slow down and explode. They then meet Neha, who reveals that she had planted the bomb in their car (having asked them by phone to get into it in the first place), calling it a test. The two go to her house and later manage to kidnap Himmat, who, at first, claims to them that he is “JD”. Dan sees them again and now chases them to another bridge, where he roughly interrogates them, all the while refusing to believe who they really are. However, a hit squad appears on the bridge and attacks them. One of their bullets hits Dan on the shoulder while Aditya and Shashank react quickly enough to save his life and kill the men. Later, in custody Himmat breaks down and tells them that everybody working for Jamwaal is a pawn who doesn’t know his identity. It is here that Dan teams up with them in return for Shashank and Aditya saving his life and the trio move to his house.

While Himmat claims that he does not know anything else, the quartet realize that Himmat believes Jamwaal will save him which is why he is not revealing sensitive information. They then stage an attempt on Himmat’s life and a scared Himmat informs them that the only people who pose any real danger to Jamwaal are Asif and Irfan, his once friends turned foes, who betrayed him to foil his plan for the 10th of May. Himmat tells them that he knows where Asif might be.

The quartet turn up at a disco, Asif’s supposed hideout, with Himmat and question him. Asif merely gives them Irfan’s whereabouts and commits suicide. They then confront Irfan, believing him to be Jamwaal, and after killing his goons, kill him too. In India, Siddhant prepares a trap to rescue Anu. Anu’s husband dies, but Anu is saved and the mole, Roy, is detained and commits suicide instead of suffering the indignity of going to prison, but not before revealing the codeword for the entire operation, “JEET”. An enraged Siddhant learns from Altaf that the latter had been hired by Jamwaal to kill Asif and Irfan in Canada before the 10th. Siddhant decides to go to Canada, while his colleague and love interest, Aditi (Shilpa Shetty) decides to use Altaf as a bait to track down people in league with Jamwaal. As a result, many high-profile individuals and politicians are exposed.

In Canada, Himmat is set free. Shashank decides to propose to Neha and goes to her house along with Dan and Aditya. However, they find the house suspiciously empty and dark. Suddenly, they hear the footsteps of an intruder and confront him. They are shocked to find that the intruder is Siddhant, who tells them that Neha had been murdered a long time back. Now, it is revealed that the woman who was shot to death earlier was the real Neha. Siddhant explains that Jamwaal had Neha killed and replaced a fake Neha, since he had prior information to Aditya and Shashank’s arrival in Canada(because of Roy). The day Altaf was arrested, Jamwaal suffered an accident and was arrested in a DUI. The real Neha, who had been following them at that point, only knew the real Himmat Mehendi, who had been with Jamwaal at the time and who had been killed by Irfan shortly after that event. It was his body which was found in Priya’s car when she was about to divorce Dan. Further more, Jamwaal had wanted to kill his former friends while they were trying to kill him too (Asif having sent the hit squad on the bridge). But Altaf, his hired goon was arrested by ATC. When he was kidnapped by the group while being assumed to be Himmat Mehendi, he kept the misunderstanding going and conned Aditya, Shashank and Dan to do what he wanted Altaaf to do, thus making his coast clear. This leads to one shocking reality- The person that the group had assumed to be Himmat Mehendi was the real Jamwaal.

Still clueless about Jamwaal’s plan, the quartet, once again, focuses on “JEET”. Siddhant figures that every letter in the word has something to do with its position in the English alphabet. J is 10, the date of the attack; E is 5, denoting the month of May; E denotes the time, 5 o’ clock and T is 20, which is still unknown. The group later receives information that a football match is supposed to take place at a nearby stadium on that date and the Prime Minister of India has been invited there as the Chief Guest, to be felicitated by the 20-25 thousand people present.

Realizing that this stadium will be bombed on the fateful day at 5 o’clock, the quartet turns up at the stadium and splits up. Early in the piece, Siddhant is captured by the stadium guards, who were in on the plan. Aditya finds the bomb on a car whose registration number ends with the number 20 (thus explaining T in JEET), the timer having also been set at 20 minutes. He drives the car outside the stadium while Shashank finds another bomb of the same size and takes it to a nearby flying club, where he runs into the fake Neha, who confesses that she has fallen in love with him. They load the bombs into a small plane, with Shashank deciding to dispose the bomb off in a deserted area, away from city limits. Dan enters the stadium by another route, only to end up being taken hostage along with his estranged wife and some school children she is escorting. Dan somehow rescues his wife and the children, while Siddhant manages to escape and kill some goons despite being temporarily blinded. As both head to different directions to find Jamwaal, the latter is informed by his men that both the bombs have been taken away and that the mission has failed. Jamwaal tries to escape from the building, only to run into Siddhant. As Siddhant doesn’t know him, Jamwaal nearly succeeds in escaping by pretending to be someone else, but Siddhant calls him on his bluff.

Here, Shashank realizes that he has too little time to dispose off the second bomb safely, and decides to crash the plane along with himself and the fake Neha, much to Siddhant’s anguish. He bids an emotional farewell to the others and then crashes the plane into a nearby lake. Meanwhile, Aditya is in trouble too because he is running out of time and does not know where to dispose the bomb. Siddhant is distraught by the turn of events. Dan calls for help, with which he succeeds in rescuing Aditya just moments before the jeep explodes in a valley. Jamwaal tries to escape, but is tracked down and shot dead by Siddhant in an elevator.

The film ends as Shashank’s ashes are immersed in the river while Siddhant laments that while everything had returned to normal after those 7 days, he had lost his brother forever somewhere in the sands of time.

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