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Doordarshan Hindi full movie HD | Manu Rishi Chadha | Mahie Gill | Dolly Ahluwalia

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Rating: 6.2/10
Director: Gagan Puri
Writer: Gagan Puri
Stars: Manu Rishi Chadha, Mahie Gill, Dolly Ahluwalia
Sunil Bhateja lives with his teenage daughter Twinkle & son Sunny & is facing going through a rough phase with his estranged wife who is demanding a divorce from him. His mother Darshan is in state of coma for the last 30 years & the rented place belongs to his friend Goldy & he is unwilling to vacate the home on the pretext of the state of his mother. Sunny has a crush on Sweety who is the daughter of Goldy & Goldy remains furious with this. Sunny’s friend Pappi regularly gets magazines with Porn stories & both enjoy reading it. Both are alone at home & Pappi reads out the latest edition of the magazine to Sunny in the room where their Grandma Darshan is resting. As fate would have Grandma wakes up from coma listening to the porn story & the name of the central character Vimal sticks in her mind. However, she falls unconscious again. Later when the doctor examines her, he tells them that she would soon regain her consciousness but her mind is a very weak state. So they should ensure that they don’t do anything to dishearten her.

Everyone quickly starts working on changeover of the look of the house to the 80s when Darshan went into coma. The biggest hurdle is that Sunil will have to convince his wife Billo to return home. Sunil pleads her to return & on the insistence of her mother she agrees. Here Sunil has asked his children to pretend as a house help. When Darshan finally regains her consciousness, Sunil tells her that it has only been 6 months she is in coma & he is still in high school. When Darshan questions his obesity, he tells her that he is suffering from thyroid-related disease & hence the weight gain.

Everyone does their part to make her believe that everything is hunky-dory however Darshan consistently questions who Vimal is to which there is no answer. Later she coaxes Billo to marry Sunil & to surprise of everyone she agrees. A fake marriage ceremony is arranged & they are remarried. On the night of the wedding, Sunil & Billo have a heartful conversation & both of them drop the idea of divorce. Next day Darshan wakes up early & sees that everyone is asleep as they are tired from the wedding ceremony. She receives the newspaper & checks the date to realise that it is been 30 years she has been in coma. She steps out of the home alone to see the outside world & returns disappointed to see that people have lost human touch.

Later Sunil explains everything & she is happy that Billo had indeed married Sunil. Later she urges to watch her favourite mythological serial on TV. Instead of playing the CD of the mythological serial, Twinkle puts in Porn CD of Sunny & finally it is revealed who Vimal is.

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