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Devi | bangla full movie | Paoli Dam , Shataf Figar , Rima Guhathakurta .

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Set in 2018, the movie tells the story of Ranu(Jaya Ahsan), a middle-class housewife who is seemingly attatched with some paranormal powers. After some strange circumstances, Her husband Anis (Animesh Aich), seeks help from Misir Ali (Chanchal Chowdhury), a psychiatrist and part-time professor in Dhaka University, to find an answer to her paranormal problems. At the same time, Nilu (Sabnam Faria), the eldest daughter of Ranu’s landlord and Misir Ali’s student, comes to know about an unknown person named Ahmed Sabet (Iresh Zaker) in Facebook and gets curious to meet him.

Ranu tells Misir Ali about an accident of her childhood in which a corpse got stuck with her clothes while swimming in the river. To gather more information, Misir Ali travels to her village. However, it turns out that, that childhood memory is nothing but a mixture of many other incidents where Ranu never got stuck with a dead body. After a lot of research, Misir Ali finds out the truth – a local criminal once lured young Ranu in an abandoned temple and attempted to rape her. However, that failed because someone protected Ranu. Ranu’s cousin also informs him about the future telling ability of Ranu which seems to appear after that incident. Misir Ali also learns that a beautiful goddess statue was stolen at the same time, which was thought to be haunted, because according to local legends, two girls were sacrificed to satisfy it. When Ranu is told about her dark past, she immediately remembers everything and replies that the man didn’t lure her, she was already at the temple. Because she was attracted to the goddess statue and often played with it like a doll. She also reveals that the goddess protected her and till now, she’s with her. Misir Ali doesn’t believe this and tries to solve this case logically, but fails. On the other hand, the two daughters of the landlord, especially Nilu becomes quite close to Ranu. The relation between them evolves as the movie continues.

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