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Colkatay Columbus | bengali full movie | Mir Afsar AliAnirban , Bhattacharya , Gaurav Chakrabarty

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Colkatay Columbus is a satirical comedy with an element of fantasy that explores people’s desperate need to look to a hero for giving their life a direction, a purpose, to help them find themselves. Christopher Columbus is like a metaphor for every man who lives his life spent in search, looking for one thing only to accidentally stumble upon something unexpected. The thought that the film will leave us is – Why look outwards for another Hero to help us solve our problems when we can simply look inwards and be our own Hero.

In Colkatay Columbus, writer and director Saurav Palodhi has shown how everyone, from the ordinary person to a legend, is in search of something.

The story unfolds through an encounter of Columbus and two boys in Kolkata. When Columbus somehow lands up in Kolkata in 2016, he is surprised to see that everyone is in search of something. He is in search of roads that would lead him back home while the boys are in search for Columbus to get him to offer tips on attaining success. Columbus starts doling out suggestions to the boys but is also put off by the “competition”.

This film shows how Columbus couldn’t bear competition. He was disheartened to see that he was not the only explorer. Every person around him was also an explorer, constantly searching for something.

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