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Chitrangada The Crowning Wish | bangla full movie | Jishu | Raima | SVF

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Rudra Chatterjee (Rituparno Ghosh) has spent his life going against social convention. As a young man he defied his father’s wishes, and became a choreographer instead of an engineer. As he prepares with his team to stage Tagore‘s Chitrangada, he meets Partho (Jisshu Sengupta) who is a drug-addict percussionist introduced to the team by the main dancer Kasturi (Raima Sen). Soon, Rudra develops a chemistry with Partho and they are deep into a passionate love affair. During the course of their relationship, they decide to adopt a child. But there is one problem: same-sex couples are not permitted to adopt children. So Rudra decides to go through a gender change treatment to embrace the womanhood he longs for. But will this surgery change his life and fulfill all his long-cherished dreams? The story ends with the line “Be What You Wish To Be”.

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