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At a time when Mumbai Police headed by Police Commissioner (Chiranjeet) announce that the much dreaded Mafia Raj is completely wiped out in the city and there are no under world Bhais in Mumbai, a rookie named Surya (Jeet) lands in the country’s commercial capital with an intention to become a Mafia Don. His friend (Biswanath Basu) receives him and brings him to Dharavi. He offers him shelter and tells him that he would soon fetch him a job so that he can settle down in life. But Surya wants to carve an identity for himself, by reorganizing Mumbai‘s Mafia Raj and eventually rule Mumbai. He then mocks as a cop and gets his first bounty, and then he forms a gang of his own. Surya meets up with a local politician Gopi (Supriyo Dutta), who is in trouble and offers him help. Surya begins recruiting criminals and gangsters in Mumbai and starts to Extort people for money. He slowly gains momentum and, in the process, becomes popular and feared among the people.

Meanwhile, he also knowingly tries to get romantically involved with Rusha (Subhashree Ganguly), the daughter of the police commissioner. In the process, he actually falls for the girl and tries for her acceptance. In the course of the film, Surya becomes popular among Dharavi‘s locals. He comes across as an extortionist, a baron, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. His friendship with Gopi gets stronger, and so does his political connections. Surya sets up a company named “Surya Exports & Imports,” which would act as a front for the organized crime that they indulge in. Surya reveals his plan to grow his network of organized crime all over India. He begins to set up branch offices for “Surya Exports & Imports” in all major cities, towns, and villages all over India. He recruits local gangsters for staff and begins to forcefully collect a two per cent tax on every contract done in that area. Eventually, Surya grows to be a billionaire and later reveals to the police commissioner that he never wanted money but only power. He claims that he believes in war but not morality and that the crime rate dropped significantly after he started to recruit all the gangsters. He also states that he wants to rid India of crime and help the needy.

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